All SIM Balance Check Codes & Number List (Jio, Airtel, BSNL)2022

All SIM Balance: When a potential consumer shifts from one phone carrier to another, since there are numerous telecom connection businesses in the industry, he has no idea how to check his balance-related data. It is challenging for a consumer to know which firm supplies which primary balance checking code to obtain information about your account balance.

All SIM Balance Check Codes & Number (Jio, Airtel, BSNL):

Balance Checking Number keys are various USSD codes that may be used to check the primary account funds of your mobile phone numbers, such as Talktime balance, broadband data balance, and SMS balance.

Utilizing USSD codes to view your status is the most simple method. And to assist you in remembering these USSD codes, we’ve included All SIM Balance Check Codes & numbers (Jio, Airtel, BSNL) here:

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Jio balance checking code:

Jio is indeed a Reliance connection affiliate. Go to this page when you wish to discover your Jio wallet balance and broadband data use details. Dial 1299 and leave a message. You may also view your Jio subscription Voice/SMS/4G Net Balance by SMS “BAL” to 199.

BSNL balance checking code:

To find out your BSNL number’s primary balance, enter the Bsnl balance checking code *123# OR *124*1#. You may get more information about your BSNL number’s online data by dialing *124#.

Airtel balance checking code:

To find out your Airtel number’s primary balance, use the *121# balance checking code. You may get more information about your Airtel number’s internet data use by dialing *121*2# and pressing ‘1’.


We included all Indian mobile telecom operators’ balance checking USSD codes on one page. You can quickly assess all network primary balances, internet data amount consumption, and other balances and authenticity information utilizing these codes.

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