All SIM Number Check Codes List (Jio, Airtel, & BSNL) 2022

All SIM Number: The telecom sector’s rivalry has brought a slew of new telecommunication companies to the Indian private sector. Each telecom firm has created its USSD code for clients to remain competitive. The USSD codes are pretty helpful in obtaining information regarding the SIM card, including the SIM number, current account, expiry, and much more. However, each telecom carrier has its USSD code for SIM information.

All SIM Number Check Codes (Jio, Airtel, & BSNL) 2022

Using JIO, Airtel, or BSNL data service will quickly show you how to verify your SIM number using USSD codes. Therefore, if you can’t remember your SIM card details or don’t have enough contact balance, here is how to confirm the cellphone number using USSD codes.

USSD codes are the most straightforward techniques for determining your mobile number. Without further ado, let’s begin with All SIM Number Check Codes (Jio, Airtel, & BSNL) 2022.

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How to check your BSNL number?

If you are a BSNL customer and want to find your 10-digit contact information, unlock your device and dial *222#. As long as you dial the numbers, it will be terminated, and you will get a message with your contact number and other important information. Other BSNL phone calls to get your contact information include *785#, *888#, *1#, and *555#.

How to check your Jio number?

The contact details checking code for JIO SIM card consumers are *one #. To get your 10-digit contact number, call *1# from your enrolled mobile number, and you will get a message including your contact number and other important information.

How to check your Airtel number?

Pick your enrolled Airtel phone and dial *282# to get the Airtel SIM Identity checking code. The call will end immediately, and a flash notification with your contact info and some other balance data will display. *121# and *121*9# are two more codes to call.

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