Next Generation of Leaders Undergraduate Studies

Next Generation of Leaders Undergraduate Studies at Mapúa

The next generation of leaders have an exciting journey ahead as they prepare for undergraduate studies at University. Known for its engineering and technology programs, Institute provides a springboard for future innovators and change-makers. This guide covers key details prospective students need to know about the university’s undergraduate offerings.

Founded in 1925, Institute has produced over 70,000 graduates who drive progress in their respective fields. It has cemented its reputation in the areas of engineering, architecture, multimedia arts and sciences. The university takes pride in its intensive curriculum geared towards honing analytical abilities and creative thinking.

Institute undergraduate programs equip students with technical knowledge paired with soft skills like communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Such comprehensive training allows graduates to thrive in the professional arena. The programs also have accreditations from reputable organizations which affirm their quality standards.

Admission and Enrollment

Gaining entry into Institute involves meeting academic requirements set by the university. Applicants should have satisfactory marks from senior high school in core subjects like Math, English and Science. Once admission eligibility is confirmed, incoming freshmen can enroll through on-site or online registration.

Students have flexibility in choices for undergraduate programs. The technology-focused curriculums allow them to discover their interests and chart a career pathway. The courses also have balanced units, from foundational lessons to electives. This exposes undergraduates to diverse subjects while building specialization.

Undergraduate Programs

It ensures its undergraduate programs align with globally-recognized standards. The university currently has 16 undergraduate degrees across its various schools and departments. Students can choose from bachelor’s degree programs in fields like:

  • Architecture
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Multimedia Arts and Sciences

The undergraduate programs aim to develop students into highly capable professionals. Technical knowledge aside, the curriculums train students in ethics, analytical thinking, creativity and communication. Such well-rounded learning enables graduates to thrive in cross-functional roles.

World-Class Faculty and Facilities

Undergraduate programs are facilitated by distinguished faculty members. They have outstanding qualifications backed by industry and academic experience both locally and overseas. As experts in their respective domains, the faculty serve as competent guides for students’ undergraduate journeys.

The university campus also has state-of-the-art facilities to aid teaching and learning. Laboratories for architecture, engineering, multimedia arts and other programs have advanced equipment. Undergraduates can apply classroom learning through experiments, simulations and demonstrations. The libraries also hold expansive references for enriching the students’ academic foundation.

Developing Socially Responsible Graduates

While institute builds students’ competitiveness in their chosen domains, it also nurtures social consciousness. Undergraduate programs incorporate discussions on ethics and sustainability. Students also participate in community building activities to uplift marginalized sectors. Such initiatives shape undergraduates into compassionate professionals who utilize expertise for the greater good.

Looking Ahead

Institute undergraduate programs equip the next generation with technical excellence paired with creative thinking. The intensive curriculum provides a fertile environment for students to flourish. Graduates enter the professional world armed with expertise and empathy to drive positive change. Institute takes pride in nurturing society’s future leaders and innovators through its undergraduate programs.

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