Jio PUK Code Number To Unblock SIM

Jio PUK Code Number

More than 10 crores users are using Jio in India as it is one of the best telecom operators here. This code help in saving your SIM from unwanted access. You may like to know more about Jio PUK Code Number if you are one of these 10 crore users as well. So, in this blog, you can read a lot about Jio PUK Code Number To Unblock SIM. 

What is this code?

PUK code is a code that a user can use to unblock the SIM. This is an unlocking key, and it helps to save your SIM from authorized access. You can get your Jio PUK Code Number offline, and you can get it online as well. Below is the guideline if you don’t know how you can get this code offline or online. 

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How to get it offline?

  • You can get this code offline by dialing 18008899999 from your phone.
  • After dialing the code, you need to follow the instructions to get connected with customer care services.
  • Once you get connected, you can request your Jio PUK Code Number.
  • The person will ask you some questions for verification. After you provide him with the right information, you can successfully get your Jio PUK Code Number.

Jio PUK Code Number

How to get it online?

This is very easy to get this code online. First of all, you need to download the My Jio app from the play store on your device. Then open the app and join with your SIM, and go to the navigation menu. You’ll get a “HELP” option here, click on it and then search for PUK. You’ll get a link here, and after opening that link, you can sign in here with your number. After signing in, you can find your PUK Code Number To Unblock SIM after following the instructions. 

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