[Vodafone idea] Vi Loan Number & Code For Data, Talktime 2024

Vi Loan Number

Sometimes people often stuck in a situation where they need to call someone, but they don’t have any balance on their phone. In this situation, loans can save people. If you are a Vi network user and also face this situation often, you can simply get a loan by dialing the Vi loan number. Don’t worry if you have never gotten a loan before, as this post will guide you. So, read the below post and know how you can get [Vodafone idea] Vi Loan Number & Code For Data, Talk time.

How to get this loan Vi Loan?

In order to get this loan, you need to dial a code which is *199*3*5#. After dialing it, you need to choose the amount of loan you want to get. Then after choosing the amount, confirm your loan request. You will receive a verification message. If you don’t get the verification message, it means that you are not eligible for this loan. This loan isn’t available for all the users, and only the ones who fulfill the criteria can get this loan. 

What are the criteria for getting this loan?

  • Previous loans should have a pending payment for the Vi user.
  • It is essential to be a prepaid user of this network to get this loan.
  • The balance in your SIM should be less than 5 rupees for getting this loan.
  • You could just get this loan if you have been using this service for more than 90 days.

If you don’t fulfill these criteria, you can’t get the loan on your Vi SIM card. 

Vi Loan Number

Check: Vi APN Settings

How much loan can I get at a single time?

Vodafone allows its users to get a loan starting from rupees 10. The maximum amount of loan which you can get is 50 rupees. You can choose the amount depending on your requirement, and after that, you can freely use it. Dial 8171 for more info

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