How to get BSNL PUK Code 2022


Personalized accessing password for any SIM card is a safety measure specific to each SIM card and has been used to secure all data using a PIN known as the BSNL PUK code. This Passcode is a four-digit number that protects your SIM card from illegal access. 


If you’re using the SIM locking option, your smartphone will demand a PIN anytime you attempt to use it. The SIM PIN is often usually 0000 or 1234. Whenever you don’t want to protect your SIM, you may modify or deactivate this feature.

When you’re a BSNL customer and have input your PIN incorrectly three times, you must input the SIM PUK code; however, how do you get it?

Can users get a BSNL PUK Code through their official website?

The BSNL application is official smartphone software that allows BSNL customers to handle their profiles via a simple layout. After signing in, you may also use the application to obtain your PUK code. Whenever your BSNL SIM card gets misplaced or damaged, you could also deactivate it using the application.

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How could the customer support service assist users in getting BSN PUK Code?

You can’t contact the BSNL support service when your BSNL SIM card is banned and requesting the PUK code.

In this case, you get two alternatives: contact any BSNL SIM (request a trusted friend) or make a phone call using a different provider SIM. Furthermore, remember that the phone lines for the two alternatives are separate.

Sign up on the BSNL website if you don’t already have a profile. After logging in, you may also call the customer care staff from the user page.


BSNL PUK code is a four-digit number that protects your SIM card from illegal access. The SIM PIN is often 0000 or 1234 and can be changed whenever you want.

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