How to Know BSNL Number [Check Mobile Number] Easy Ways

How to Know BSNL Number

How to Know BSNL Number: BSNL is the Govt linked mobile network and one of the most widely used mobile numbers all over India. The popularity of this network is due to the BSNL government-backed network. There are a massive number of customers and followers of this network.

 As humans, we take time to remember anything, so the same is the case with our mobile number in the beginning. So, If you are also using a BSNL network and seeking a way to know your BSNL number, don’t worry. We will discuss all the steps by which you can get your BSNL number on your phone without any hassle. 

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The most straightforward trick to know your BSNL number is the missed call method. However, it’s not the professional way, but it works. But there are chances when you don’t have balance in your phone, so in that case, it is no longer helpful to use missed call tricks. 

Every network provides the codes to check mobile numbers and perform other operations. Therefore, BSNL has also issued some codes that you can use to know your number. Almost every code is working perfectly; however, you can try the other one if one does not work in your area. 

We have listed below some codes that you can use to know your BSNL number.

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How to Know BSNL Number



How to Know BSNL Number All Methods

Codes to know BSNL Number

BSNL users can use these codes to check their sim number without even having a balance on their phone. 

  • *222#
  • *888#
  • *1#
  • *555#
You can use any of the above codes to know the BSNL number as per your area support.

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