Vi PUK Code Unlock [How to Get PIN] Unlock Your Sim Easy Ways

Jio PUK Code Number

Whenever your mobile SIM card is banned, you must input the PUK code to unblock your card. It indicates your SIM card has been disabled, and you cannot conduct any calls from your phone number. The smartphone must be set up with the Password for the SIM card. It serves as a safety element for your phone number.

What is PUK Code?

PUK is indeed an abbreviation for Personal Unblocking Key Password. And that happened because the PIN was entered incorrectly. The client used this PIN to secure unregistered consumers’ content and private details.

It is critical to secure the data, yet the consumer may miss the PIN in some cases. This PUK code now blocks them if they enter a PIN incorrectly more than three times. This section will show you how to obtain the accessing Vi PUK Code Unlock Vodafone Idea SIM Number.

Vi PUK Code Unlock

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How to obtain the PUK Code for a Vodafone number?

To find out your Vodafone number’s PUK code, enter *111*3*8# code or call 199. You will be asked to choose a feature from the IVR menu whenever you enter. Choose the appropriate choice and obey the program directions. Contact the Vodafone help desk hotline if you need any additional help.

How to receive an IDEA PUK Code?

To find out your Idea number PUK code, enter *121*4*1*13# code or contact the Idea helpline number from any Idea number and check your data with an Idea client service expert.

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How to find the Vi PUK Code Unlock Vodafone Idea SIM Number on the Vi official website?

Another critical point is that the Vi business doesn’t offer you their PUK code since it is unneeded. To activate your Vodafone idea local sim, input the preset Pin 1234. If you mistyped the essential Pin, you must obtain your personalized decrypting key code.

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