Consumer Cellular APN Settings 5G/4G 2022 [Android+iPhone]


People have always been looking for ways to get information about APN settings for their mobile phones. Cellular APN setting is the biggest MNVO provider in the USA. People have been having the best and the most satisfying customer service from them.

There are a few terms that people should know about APN settings. So, there are four categories of APN settings. These include:

  • Access Point Name is a unique name that is different for every network. Users need to provide an exact name that is provided by the mobile carrier.
  • There are four types of Access Point networks. These include generic, MMS, supl, and wap.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service is used for the functionality of MMS.
  • Proxy is another option for data access.

These settings are supposed to work on iOS and Android devices. Consumer Cellular have configured these settings, so you do not have to set them up by yourself.

How can you change the APN settings?

People have been asking for a guide to changing APN settings. They can change the settings on iPhone and Android devices with simple and easy steps.

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Procedure to change the APN settings on an Android phone

For this purpose, users need to follow the following instructions.

Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Name > Click on Plus sign > Enter new APN Settings > Save > Reboot the device.


Procedure to change the APN settings on an iPhone

You need to follow some simple steps to set the configuration on your iPhone. For this, you need to follow these instructions. 

Go to the Main Menu > General > Network > Cellular Data Network > Enter new APN settings > Save the changes > Reboot your device.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can configure the Consumer Cellular APN settings on your device. These settings are highly recommended for a fast and reliable internet connection.

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