Boost Mobile APN Hack Settings

If you want to know the right APN settings for Boost mobile, then you are at the right place. This article is about the simple steps that you need to take to set the configuration on your Boost mobile. Before we start discussing the configuration settings of the devices, it is to be mentioned that Boost mobile is one of the most popular SIM companies. This company is working in Australia and in the US. 

Everyone uses the internet on their mobile phones, but only a few people know that they have to set a proper internet connection and configure APN settings for a fast internet connection. 

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How can you configure the Boost Mobile APN settings on Android devices?

It is quite simple to set and configure the Boost Mobile APN settings on Android devices. Users have to follow a few steps to set the configuration settings on their devices. 

Phone settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Boost Mobile SIM > create a new APN setting > save the setting > restart your device.


How can you configure the Boost Mobile APN settings on iOS?

iOS users are also interested in improving their internet speed. They can follow some steps they to configure the APN settings. All they need is to follow a few simple steps. On your iPhone or iPad, you need to:

Turn off the data connection > Go to Settings > Cellular Network > Cellular Data Network > keep the MMSC blank > put the value of for MMS Proxy > set the MMS Max size to 1048576 > Save the new APN settings > Restart your device > turn on data connection.

By following these simple steps, you can set the configuration on your iOS. This is how you can use internet on iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices with a reliable fast connection.

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