Why Custom Keycaps Are Getting More Attention These Days

With the rising popularity of mechanical keyboards, custom keycaps have become a trendy way for enthusiasts to personalize their typing experience. Keycaps are the plastic covers that sit on top of the switches underneath each key on a mechanical keyboard. By swapping out the standard keycaps for custom-made ones, keyboard users can showcase their style and creativity. There are several reasons why custom keycaps are getting more attention lately in the mechanical keyboard community.

Personalization Options

Firstly, they allow for extensive personalization. Standard keycap sets come in basic colors like black, white or grey. But custom keycaps come in virtually endless color combinations, materials, textures, fonts, icons, novelties, and more. Keyboard enthusiasts can choose keycaps to match their setup theme, whether that’s minimalist, retro, sci-fi, etc. Top quality custom keycaps are precisely crafted with doubleshot molding or dye sublimation methods. This allows for crisp legends that won’t fade over time. From full keycap sets to individual novelty keys, the options for customization are vast.

Works of Arts

Additionally, custom keycaps have become a form of artistic expression within keyboard culture. Talented keycap designers collaborate with keycap manufacturers to create stunning sets that are true works of art. Keycap group buys let designers gauge interest and get community feedback. The most popular designs eventually get produced in limited batches. Some iconic custom keycap sets have aftermarket value comparable to famous sneaker drops. The vibrant colors and intricate details on these keycaps make them highly sought after. Typing on a keyboard no longer needs to be boring thanks to artistic custom keycaps.

Improve Outlook and Typing Experience

Moreover, custom keycaps can improve the sound and feel of a mechanical keyboard like GMK67. Keycaps are usually made from quality thick ABS or PBT plastic rather than thin, cheap materials. Thicker keycaps produce a deeper, richer sound. Textured keycaps like SA, DSA, and OEM have distinct profiles that affect the typing experience. Choosing between glossy or matte finishes also impacts sound and feel. Since most enthusiasts modify their keyboards for performance, custom keycaps are a natural extension of that pursuit.

Shorter Waiting Time

In addition, major vendors have scaled up production of custom keycaps. Companies like Signature Plastics, GMK, and Tai-Hao work with designers to manufacture popular custom sets. Massdrop regularly runs group buys for the latest keycap sets designed by community members. The larger production volumes make custom keycaps more accessible and affordable than ever. This growing production capacity has fueled the expansion of the custom keycap marketplace.

Discussion Among Community Members

Lastly, the online mechanical keyboard community breeds enthusiasm for custom keycaps. Keyboard forums like GeekHack and Reddit’s r/MechanicalKeyboards continually showcase photos and reviews of unique keycap sets. Influencers on YouTube and Twitch stream videos demonstrating their custom built keyboards. Social media platforms make it easy for keyboard enthusiasts to share photos of their customized setups. This interconnected community spreads trends quickly and normalizes the idea of swapping keycaps to change a keyboard’s look and feel.


In summary, custom keycaps are surging in popularity due to their expansive personalization options, integration into keyboard culture as art, improvements to keyboard sound and feel, increased mainstream manufacturing, and promotion through online keyboard communities. As mechanical keyboards continue to grow in popularity, demand for custom keycaps will increase as more users look to put their personal touch on their typing experience. The vibrant custom keycap ecosystem allows keyboard enthusiasts to tap into their creativity and style like never before.

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