QLink APN Settings 2022 Best for Android and iPhone

QLink APN Settings

QLink APN Settings: Slow internet is a big problem these days that so many people face. APN settings are a good choice for people looking for a fast internet experience. If you are dealing with slow internet as well, you should try using APN settings for fast internet. QLink APN settings are one of the best APN settings that you can use to experience a fast internet speed on your device. It doesn’t matter which operating system your phone works on; you can use these settings on it. There are several people that are using these settings on their devices and they are happy with the results. You can also set up these settings easily on your mobile.

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QLink APN Settings 2022

QLink APN Settings

How to enable these settings on an iPhone?

You can open the settings on your iPhone for enabling these APN settings. After that, choose the “Cellular” and then choose the “Cellular Data Network.” Choose APN and then add the required data here and leave the non-necessary fields blank. Such as writing cinet.spcs in the APN field, Cellular APN Settings in the Cellular APN Name field, and leaving password and username blank. Once you fill in all the important fields, you can save the settings and then restart your iPhone. Now, you can enjoy fast internet after doing these settings. 

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How to enable these settings on an android phone?

If you have an android phone and are facing a slow internet problem on your device, you can solve this problem by using QLink APN Settings. Simply open the settings and then choose the option of more; here, you’ll find the option of cellular/mobile network. After this, choose the access points’ names, and by clicking on the ‘+’ sign, you can add the required information here. Now, you can save the settings, and after that, restart your phone and get rid of the slow internet. 

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