Jio Data Balance Check Number ,Code & Validity Online 2022

Jio Data Balance Check Number: Jio is one of the best telecom operators in India. This operator has gained much popularity over five years. People are more likely to have benefits such as messages, data, and voice calls using this telecom operator.

People are always interested in knowing the ways and codes they need to dial to check balance. This article is about Jio data balance check numbers and codes. So let us get started. 

How can you check Jio’s data balance?

Users have to dial *333*1# to check their balance. This is the easiest way to check Jio’s balance. A message will appear on the screen. This message shows the data balance on your Jio SIM. 

How can the users check Jio plan validity?

Users have to dial *333# to check the validity of plans. They can also send SMS <BAL> to 199 to check the Jio plan validity/

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How can users check Jio’s main balance?

Users have to dial *333# to check Jio main balance. 

What are some USSD codes to check Jio number, VAS balance, and caller tune?

  • Users can dial *333*3*1*1# to activate the Jio caller tune.
  • Users can dial *333*3*1*2# to deactivate the Jio caller tune.
  • Users can dial *1# to know their Jio number on their phones.
  • Users can dial *333*1*4# to check the VAS balance of a Jio number. 

How can the users use the Jio balance app to check Jio balance?

The Jio application is the easiest way to check Jio balance, latest offers, and plans. All the users need is to download the My Jio application from the app store, complete the login process, and click on Vie details to know the balance details, SMS, data, and calls. This is one of the most convenient and reliable ways to check the validity and balance of Jio mobile numbers.

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