How To Set Caller Tune in BSNL Free Online 2022

How To Set Caller Tune in BSNL: If you are a BSNL user, you can set up a caller tune on your number. These services aren’t free. You need to pay 12 rupees for selecting the song, and then they will charge you 30 rupees each month. If you want to set up your caller tune without paying anything, you can do so. Here, you will find How To Set Caller Tune in BSNL Free. Some people who think that it isn’t possible and they have to pay the charges for setting up their caller tune are wrong. Setting up a free caller tune is possible and quite simple as well. 

How can you set Caller Tune for Free?

You can do this by downloading the BSNL app. After downloading the app from the play store, you can log in by using your BSNL number. After logging in, you will find various songs here, so click on your favorite one. Once you click on your favorite song, you will find the option of Set for, and then you can set that caller tune for all callers. Soon, you’ll receive your caller tune activation message. It will not charge you 12 rupees for the song selection, and you can select your song from here for free. 

How To Set Caller Tune in BSNL

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Why do people set a caller tune?

Some people love to set up caller tunes because they want to be recognized by a specific song. Mostly, some people have the sweetest memory of a song, and they want everyone in their life to listen to this song. That’s why; people like to set a caller tune on their number. After that, every person who contacts them can hear the song which they want them to hear. Also, people start recognizing them with that specific song. If you want to set a caller tune too but don’t know How To Set Caller Tune in BSNL Free, follow the method above. 

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