Access Airtel’s Last 5 Call Details and USSD Code

Airtel’s Last 5 Call Details and USSD Code

With the rapid advancement of technology, mobile communication has become an integral part of our lives. Leading the charge in India is Airtel, renowned for its excellent services and customer-centric offerings. One frequent query among its massive user base is how to check the Airtel’s Last 5 Call Details and USSD Code. To answer this burning question and many others, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide. Let’s delve right in!

How Can I Check the Last 5 Calls in Airtel?

Checking your last 5 calls on Airtel, be it incoming, outgoing, or missed, can be done with ease. Whether you’re reviewing your call log for personal reasons or work, Airtel ensures you get the information you need, without any fuss.

Airtel USSD Code for Last 5 Call Details:

For instant access, dial the specific USSD code provided by Airtel. While the exact code might vary, a common one to try is 1217#. However, always refer to the official Airtel website or customer service for the most recent and accurate code.

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Airtel Mobile App for Viewing Recent Call History:

Modern problems require modern solutions! Airtel’s official mobile application, available for both Android and iOS, not only offers insights into your call history but also provides an array of other useful features.

What is the Procedure to Request Airtel Call History Statement?

For those who need a more detailed log beyond just the last 5 calls, Airtel allows users to request a call history statement. You can either visit an Airtel store physically, submit an application, and acquire the statement or utilize the online portal to make this request.

Steps to Check the Last 5 Outgoing Calls on Airtel

By dialing the specific USSD code, which is generally in the format of 121XYZ# (where XYZ is a variable number), you can quickly retrieve the last 5 outgoing calls. Alternatively, the Airtel mobile application displays the list under the “Recent Calls” section.

Airtel Last 5 Incoming Calls – How to Check Them?

Similar to outgoing calls, incoming call details can be accessed either through the USSD code or the Airtel mobile app. The application segregates incoming, outgoing, and missed calls for easier navigation and understanding.

Can I Retrieve Missed Call Details for the Last 5 Calls on Airtel?

Absolutely! The process remains consistent. Use the dedicated USSD code or navigate through the Airtel mobile application to check your missed call details.

How to Check Airtel Call Log Online?

For those who prefer an online medium, Airtel’s official website provides a portal where users can log in using their credentials and access their call history, among many other features. Ensure you have your Airtel number and OTP (one-time password) handy for this process.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns with Airtel Call History Access?

Airtel, as a leading telecom provider, ensures the utmost safety of user data. Accessing call history requires verification, ensuring that only the rightful owner or someone with permission has access to such data.


Whether you’re trying to keep track of important calls or merely curious about your recent connections, Airtel offers a seamless way to access your call details. By following the methods mentioned above, be it via USSD codes or the Airtel mobile app, you’re always in the know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get Airtel call history without a smartphone?

Yes, using the USSD code service, one can easily check their call details without a smartphone.

What are the charges for accessing Airtel last 5 call details?

Typically, there aren’t any charges. However, it’s wise to confirm with Airtel’s customer service.

Airtel postpaid bill includes last 5 call records?

Yes, the postpaid bill generally provides a detailed call log.

How often is Airtel call history updated?

The call history is updated in real-time.

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