BSNL VAS Service Code How to Activate/Deactivate

BSNL VAS Service

BSNL stands for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. They offer value-added services to mobile users. Users can find it quite interesting to use these services. VAS or Value Added Services are offered to mobile users. 

People have been asking for the most effective methods by which they can add BSNL settings to their mobile phones. Therefore, they are looking for some simple and easy guidelines. This article is all about the steps they need to take to activate and deactivate BSNL VAL Services on their phones. 

How can you check BSNL VAS Services on your phones?

If you have existing services on your phone, you can check the status of your phone. You can check the BSNL VAS Services on your Postpaid and Prepaid SIM cards. You need to send an SMS to 155223. 

If the services are active on your phone, you can check the display. This message displays all the Services List along with the codes. If the services are not active on the phones, the message shows No Active VAS Services.

BSNL VAS Service

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Checking by making a phone call

You can check the confirmation on the phone by calling on 155223. You can send a message or make a phone call from your BSNL SIM. The users are expected to get the IVRS announcements on their BSNL phones and check the activation of VAS Services on their phones and SIM.

How can you deactivate the BSNL VAS Services?

There is a similar way to deactivate the BSNL VAS Services. To deactivate the BSNL prepaid mobile SIM, all you need is to send an SMS with STOP to the number 155223. You will get a list of activated services on your mobile phone. You need to send the correct service codes to deactivate the services. You will get a final confirmation message that will confirm that the services are deactivated on your phone.

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