The Ultimate Guide to Configuring Price Quote Systems for Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Configuring Price Quote Systems for Your Business

CPQ software helps sales managers curate accurate quotes for customers. It’s a necessary tool when products become so configurable that it becomes difficult for mortals to determine exactly correct and fair prices.

The right CPQ system can transform your business. But which one do you choose? Read on to learn more about a few of the best options.

Identify Your Needs

For businesses to meet their customers’ needs, they must first understand them. This can be done through keyword research, focus groups, or social listening. Once this is accomplished, it’s time to start thinking about ways to meet those needs.

For example, if your company has customizable products, it may require configure price quote systems to deliver accurate quotes. Attempting to do so manually can result in faster turnaround times and potential human errors. A CPQ system will help eliminate these issues and ensure your quotes are complete and error-free.

Additionally, a CPQ solution can help you manage the sales process more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction. For instance, it can provide a centralized database of pricing information and sales data, enable collaboration between team members, set up approval triggers to control abusive discounts and more. The CPQ market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, and companies need to identify their specific needs before choosing a vendor. In doing so, they can select the right solution to meet their business goals.

Identify the Right Solution

In B2B sales, a quote is the bridge between a sale and revenue recognition. A single quote can require a combination of product information and services, sales tax rules, pricing models, product dependencies, and discounting functions for businesses that sell complex products.

This is a challenging task to handle by hand, and it’s even harder for sales teams to meet the needs of customers who demand quick, personalized quotes that accurately reflect their true purchasing intentions. This is where intelligent configured price quote software can provide unparalleled value.

By connecting to your CRM or ERP system, CPQ can automate and streamline the process of creating accurate quotes for complex products and services. It can also identify leakage in your price waterfall, reduce human error, and help you save time and money. Learn more about this powerful sales technology in this e-book by Thrudur Starradottir, Consultant at Vendavo. Please read it now to discover how a CPQ solution can change your business’s operations. It can help you deliver a better buying experience to your customers and increase sales productivity and revenue.


The quoting process is complex, and delivering accurate, personalized quotes to customers requires a robust and fast system. In the current cutthroat market, a sales quote often differentiates between winning and losing a customer. However, delivering high-quality quotes quickly can take time for many businesses.

A CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution is a powerful tool that helps sales teams create and manage accurate product quotes for customers quickly and easily. A CPQ system extends your CRM and ERP systems and allows a configurable data model to streamline quoting and pricing processes.

It can also improve your company’s sales experience by creating a faster and more seamless buying journey. Moreover, a CPQ system can provide valuable insights into your company’s products and services, helping you make informed decisions to optimize the sales workflow. This will increase your business’s customer retention and overall revenue. In addition, the CPQ software provides detailed reporting on quotes that have been created, approved, or disapproved, and much more.


Businesses that sell complex products face a unique challenge when creating and delivering quotes. This core task requires a thorough understanding of products and services and a process that ensures that quotes are delivered accurately and quickly.

This procedure can be made more efficient and productive using sales CPQ software. CPQ software automates the quoting process, considering product dependencies, pricing models, and discount policies to create professional proposals sent to prospective buyers.

A CPQ solution can also manage pricing complexity, allowing for features like managing volume discounts and enabling seasonal discounts and channel partner pricing, all while providing a seamless user experience for salespeople. Additionally, these systems can integrate with CRM and ERP systems to improve workflow efficiency and provide a single platform for all data and information. This makes it easier for businesses to comprehend their sales data and lowers the possibility of human error. Ultimately, CPQ solutions offer unparalleled value to business leaders looking to innovate their sales processes and drive better results.


With sales technology like configure price quote (CPQ) solutions, you can deliver personalized and accurate quotes to each buyer. This provides a consistent experience for your buyers and increases customer retention.

CPQ software works with vast databases and collates the relevant information to create accurate, optimized quotes for each client. This reduces the time it takes to generate a quote and the potential for human error, leading to greater efficiency.

You can select a native or hybrid CPQ solution based on how your organization is built architecturally. A native CPQ solution is built to work with a specific CRM, while a hybrid CPQ solution can integrate and work with any CRM or ERP system. Each has benefits and drawbacks, so you should identify which is best for your business.

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