Seasonal Maintenance of Tyres: Everything You Need to Know

In the realm of the automotive industry, the role of quality tires in maintaining vehicle performance and road safety on bustling city roads and mysterious off-road terrains can not be overstated.  They are crucial for seamless traction on both dry and wet roads without compromising on speed and comfort.

Whether you are buying online tires in Dubai or relying on a physical retailer,  the selection of the right type of tires and their seasonal maintenance is crucial to keep them in tight working order because their needs change with the season or climate of Dubai. 

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know for the maintenance of your vehicle tires throughout the year.

01.                Regular Inspection of Tyre Tread

Tire tread plays a crucial role in maintaining its performance because it helps it in traction on all types of roads. Each type of tire has a specific tread depth such as 1.6mm which is essential to avoid wear or tear. 

Make sure to check the tread depth and for things logged in the thread before going on any journey because the depth below the legal limit can lead to a tire puncture and early wear or tear.  It will help you to take protective measures before worsening the situation. 

02.                Maintain Optimal Tyre Pressure

Maintaining optimal tire pressure is also an effective approach to avoid unnecessary stress during driving because incorrect tire pressure can lead to increasing fuel consumption, early tearing, and fatal road accidents.  You can look for optimal tyre pressure information in your vehicle handbook or inside the driving door.

03.                Ensure Accurate Vehicle Alignment

Accurate vehicle alignment with tyres is also a part of tyre care and maintenance. Loosely fitted tyres or incorrect alignment can lead to vehicle shaking, vibration, heavy noise production, steering wheel vibration, and uneven tyre wear that can cost you heavy financial damages and impact your vehicle performance.

04.                Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle

Different types of tires have different load-carrying capacities catering to specific sizes or models of cars. Therefore, overloading your vehicle can also lead to early wear or tear, weak sidewalls, and reduced car performance.

05.                Use Seasonal Tyres

The selection of season-specific and top-notch tyres such as Hankook tyres in UAE is also a proactive approach to avoid early wear or tear and ensure a comfortable riding experience as they are capable of delivering optimal performance on both wet and dry roads. For example, winter tires can perform better than summer tires as the temperature drops below 7° C because summer tyres can stiffen up in cold temperatures and become more prone to early wear or tear and damage.

A Final Word

Regular care and maintenance of tyres are paramount to avoid early wear or tear and enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience. Considering the specific needs of your vehicle tyres and these maintenance tips, you can protect these rubber companions against the harsh climate and diverse terrains of Dubai. 

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