Get Multiple Colour Options for Garden Hose Reel That Goes WOW With Garden Walls

That Goes WOW With Garden Walls

A backyard garden hose reel is a useful convenience. However, it could also be a focal ornament on your garden walls and landscape design. Selecting a reel hose in a bright color or distinctive finish turns an ordinary tool into a fun centerpiece. The garden hose reels of modern times are available in all colors imaginable to suit any garden aesthetic. Use these tips to choose a colorful hose reel that brings an image of colorfulness and personality into your outdoor space.

Choose a Hue That Complements Your Home

To ensure a coherent appearance, it is recommended to select the hose reel color which would match your home’ exterior paint or trim colors. The most perfect neutral statement would be a reel that matches the background. Alternatively, switch to a fully saturated color that contrasts the color of the house to make it eye-catching enough for everyone in your backyard. Just make sure the retractable garden hose reel tone matches with exterior making it designed on purpose.

Work with Garden Planters and Decor

Paint the hose reel to match planters, benches, trellises, and other garden ornaments. For instance, a reel of the same glossy red as your decorative planter boxes creates one visual vignette. Or choose a metallic bronze reel to match the color of a bench that is made out of bronze. An intentional component of the landscape design is to coordinate the hose reel with other decorative features.

Select Color to Compliment Plant Colors

You may want to match your hose reel color with the major colors of plants and flowers in your garden. Shades of green, blue burgundy and other reel colors that harmonize with foliar colors are appropriate for a uniform appearance.

Have Fun and Get Creative!

Today, garden hose reels are available in almost every color to let you unleash your creativity. Choose timeless colors such as black, green, or beige. Or consider brighter colors like cherry red, sunny yellow, sky blue, or vibrant orange. Modern personality comes from metallic finishes such as high gloss copper, bronze, and stainless steel. Choose patterns or designs such as floral prints and faux woodgrain to provide a fun twist. Enjoy and pick up a color or finish that highlights your style.

Consider Material and Finish

Finishes are taken in different ways by hose reel materials like metal, plastic, and wood. Make sure to select a color suited to the reel material:

  • Metal retractable garden hose reel can be powder coated in any chosen color to offer a glossy enduring surface. Metal reels range from bright through to neutral shades allowing you an unlimited choice.
  • Plastic reels can be tinted or painted to produce a wide range of beautiful matte and glossy colors. Observe the paints considered safe for plastic.
  • Wood reels take stains in shades of walnut, cherry, and other woody colors. Use painted finishes in light shades to obtain a colorful, safe reel.
  • Powder coating galvanized steel reels in darker colors such as brown or black provide additional corrosion protection.

Maximize Durability

Although the color is essential to meet the style, others take care of matching your garden hose reel wall mount finish with a product formulated for ideal function and strength in an outdoor yard climate. Metal and plastic reels painted with UV-resistant powder paint remain brightly colored but do not fade. Proper preparation such as sanding and priming increases the adhesion of the finish. Finally, clear topcoats offer additional resistance to chips and scratches as well as moisture damage.

Mount the Reel With Style

An artfully mounted hose reel acquires more prominence as an ornamental element. For wall-mounted reels, display with stylish accents like:

  • Decorative brackets or hardware to blend with the reel finish.
  • Mosaic tile, stone, or faux brick background
  • Matching side planter boxes to the color of a reel
  • A pergola above for vines and flowering plants.

For mobile cart reels, replace the standard wheels with colored spoked metal for a retro touch. Cover the cart base with jute rope o burlap to achieve a rustic appearance. Be innovative with mounting or placement so that you can treat the garden hose reel wall mount as a functional piece of garden art.

Show Off Your Style

Be imaginative, enjoy yourself, and select a hose reel color or finish that communicates your sense of style about the surrounding landscape. Given all the variety of colors and materials, there is no problem finding a reel that suits your house’s or garden’s style. But a reel in a bright color or interesting finish will become the point of discussion to boast your garden.


In conclusion, details such as decoration hardware, accessories, and edge treatments enable you to personalize your color palette with more elements. Add-ons allow you to get imaginative with the complement of that eye-catching color and make your hose reel more than just a garden showpiece.

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