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Power Washing

Are you looking to refresh the exterior of your Woodbridge, VA home or business? Power washing is an effective way to remove built-up dirt, mold, mildew, and other grime from surfaces like siding, roofs, decks, driveways, and more. Power Washing Woodbridge VA Near Us at SJ Contractor Services specialize in exterior pressure washing services for residential and commercial clients throughout Woodbridge and the surrounding region. Keep reading to learn about our power washing process, equipment, and what sets us apart.

Getting Started with a Site Evaluation

Every power washing job begins with a thorough site evaluation. We take time to carefully examine the area(s) you want cleaned to identify any specific problem spots or challenges. This allows us to recommend the best washing method, equipment settings, and cleaning solutions for your unique needs. Customer safety is also a top priority, so we’ll determine any precautions needed to protect landscaping, prevent water intrusion into your home or business, and keep our crew safe on the job.

Industrial-Grade Hot Water Pressure Washers

For the best cleaning results, Power Washing Company Woodbridge VA relies on top-of-the-line hot water pressure washers. Hot water systems heat the water to ensure grease, oil, tree sap and other stubborn substances lift right off the surface. The super-heated water then blasts from the washer at pressures up to 4,000 PSI for incredible cleaning power. We carefully customize the pressure and heat settings based on each customer’s needs so we don’t accidentally damage more delicate areas.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

We also use specialized cleaning solutions designed for power washing that help break down grime and lift it off the surface. Our low-VOC, biodegradable formulas are much gentler on the environment compared to harsh chemicals. But they still pack a powerful punch against dirt, mold, mildew and other common exterior buildup when combined with hot water pressure washing. We carry solutions effective for different surface types like wood, brick, concrete, vinyl and more.

Comprehensive Power Washing Services

With the right equipment and cleaning agents for the job, our team can thoroughly yet gently wash just about any exterior surface. Most customers request siding, roof and driveway cleaning. But we also frequently power wash:

  • Decks and fences
  • Patios, walkways and sidewalks
  • Stucco, brick or stone surfaces
  • Building facades and awnings
  • Pool decks and outdoor kitchens
  • And more!

We even perform delicate power washing on surfaces like wood fences, outdoor furniture, and playground equipment if requested. With our adjustable equipment and cleaning solutions that lift grime instead of scouring it, we can give just about any exterior a much-needed refresh without damage.

Why Choose Our Woodbridge, VA Power Washing Company?

Power Washing Company Woodbridge VA has provided superior cleaning services to Woodbridge-area home and business owners for over 25 years. Our team has decades of experience evaluating treatment areas, selecting the best methods and equipment for the project, and performing the work properly to avoid damage while getting surfaces looking their absolute best. Three key advantages set us apart:

  1. Extensive Experience With over thousands of exteriors washed for local customers over the past 25 years, it’s safe to say we’ve seen and successfully cleaned it all in Woodbridge and surrounding cities. You can trust our crew knows exactly how to make your siding, roof, driveway or other exterior shine.
  2. Damage-Free Cleaning While our hot water pressure washers pack some serious cleaning power, we know how to control the settings so surfaces get squeaky clean without erosion, scratches, warped boards or other damage. We’re particularly careful when washing more delicate wood and vinyl.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service Communication is critical for a satisfactory service experience. We keep clients informed at all stages – from our initial site evaluation, to checking in mid-project if it’s a large job, to a final walkthrough when the work is completed. Our crews even do a final sweep of the area afterwards to ensure we leave properties spotless.

Refresh Your Woodbridge, VA Property’s Exterior Today

If your home or business exterior surfaces are looking dingy, now is the perfect time to consider power washing services from Power Washing Woodbridge VA Near Us at SJ Contractor Services. Schedule your free quote online or call us today at (571) 570-9725 to get started!

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