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Finding fit jeans is a real struggle for all of us, but the hunt can be especially excruciating for petites. Luckily, there are a few tricks to make the process much easier—from shopping with the right inseam to choosing styles that stretch and fit your curves.

One of the best options is a pair of wide-leg jeans with fitted tops. This look helps visually lengthen your legs and creates balance when paired with heels.

High-Waisted Styles

Whether you’re in the market for womens wide leg jeans, utilitarian cargo pants or a trendy kick-flare style, there’s no shortage of petite-friendly options. Petite sizing considers proportions of smaller frames, like altered pocket placement and narrower waistbands. It also accounts for shorter inseam lengths and a different rise measurement.

If you’re new to the world of wide-leg jeans, consider starting with a high-waisted silhouette, which visually lengthens the legline without adding bulk. This pair combines second-skin stretch with the brand’s signature butt-shaping and gap-proof technology for a casual look.

Similarly, the stretch in this style is designed to hug the hips and waist for a flattering, feminine fit. It’s in three inseam lengths, including 26 1/2 inches for petites, and features a floor-kissing hem that grazes sneakers.

Another high-rise style that’s great for Petites is this pair, which has closer-set back pockets for a more shapely rear and a hemline that hits just above the ankle (perfect for wearing with flats). An influencer who’s five-feet-two—loves these jeans because they’re easy to cuff or hem for different looks.

Dark Wash

Dark wash styles are a style-savvy choice for wide-leg jeans for petite frames. The color of the denim helps to visually elongate your legs by adding definition to your frame. A darker wash also looks more polished than lighter shades.

The rise of your jeans is also important for petites because low-rise jeans sit two inches below the navel, mid-rise jeans hit the top of the stomach, and high-rise jeans are worn above the belly button. For a flattering fit perfect for Petites, look for high-waisted pairs that hit the slimmest part of your ankle.

Another great option for petite frames is a fitted wide-leg cropped jeans. These jeans are provided through the hips and thigh, with a relaxed wide leg perfect for pairing with oversized or crop tops. Plus, they have a 29-inch inseam for petite frames, so you won’t have to worry about hemming them.

If you need more time to be ready to plunge into full-fledged wide-leg jeans, this slim silhouette is a stylish alternative for fall. It features a cuffed hem that hits the smallest part of your ankle and can be worn with sneakers, heels, or boots. The jeans are also made with eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton.


A classic pair of wide-leg jeans may seem intimidating for petite figures, but this versatile style can be a flattering wardrobe staple if you’re smart about the fabric and shoe choices. Look for a softer, stretchy fabric in a dark wash and a slimming fit that will hug your hips and flatter your legs. The inseam should hit at the ankle for a more slimy look than full-length pants on a shorter frame.

Avoid wearing wide-leg jeans with stiff fabrics like leather or corduroy, as these add too much volume and length to your thighs. Similarly, avoid wearing them with big shoes, as these add bulk to your lower body and make you look bottom-heavy. Instead, wear pointy-toe heels, which will elongate your legs and make you appear taller without adding too much height.

While skinny jeans are a staple in every woman’s closet, it’s also worth having a reliable pair of high-waisted, wide-leg jeans that are a little more formal. 


For petite frames, jeans mustn’t swallow you up (see: smocking them or pulling them up too high). Luckily, many options are available from brands that know how to do denim right for petites. These wide-leg cropped jeans are fitted through the hips and have a relaxed leg length that won’t overwhelm smaller frames. They’re also made with a thick stretch fabric and a saturated blue wash that’s ultra-chic.

Another option is this wide-leg style, which hangs low on the waist and has relaxed straight legs. The rigid 100% cotton denim will soften up with wear, giving it that lived-in look. This style has a 29-inch inseam that’s ideal for petite frames.

If you need more time to dive into the wide-leg trend, skinny jeans that hug your curves from the hip to the hem are another great choice for parties. These skinny jeans feature an incredibly flattering mid-rise fit, plus extra stretchy cotton for day-long comfort. Plus, they’re available in short and regular inseams and petite and curvy fits.

Another great pair of skinny jeans for petites is this pair, which has a slim boot-cut shape and a 30-inch inseam that’s perfect for petites. The slimming fit and high-recovery stretch won’t bag out after a full day of wear, and it’s available in various colors. Plus, it’s a super-affordable option with a guarantee of up to one year.

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