Understanding Post-Pandemic Consumers: Insights for Effective Sales techniques

Understanding Post-Pandemic Consumers Insights for Effective Sales Strategies (1)

80% of B2B decision makers prefer remote interactions or digital self-service over traditional in-person sales meetings post-pandemic. Online meetings are preferred by many as they are easy to schedule, time and cost-saving, and involve zero commute. Also, consumer behavior has changed dramatically after the pandemic which you need to understand before marketing and selling your products.

Placing your product at the right place in the market, devising new sales techniques, highlighting your unique selling point (USP), and solving customer pain points are the steps to be followed by any business to stay competitive today.

5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Convenience Is The Key

Make it easy for your customers to purchase your product/service. This may sound simple but an important step towards boosting your sales. Many companies follow a complex buying process that confuses your customers. They find it difficult and eventually go with your competitors. Whether it is an email or social media post or a landing page, mention a clear call-to-action (CTA) so that your customers click through.

Increase Your Online Brand Visibility

Your brand is your identity. Create a strong online presence so that everyone who searches for a product or service that you provide should be able to find your brand easily. Have a decent website with all your products and services clearly mentioned, social media profiles to share content that adds value to your brand, and write insightful blogs that rank your website on Google’s first page.

Attractive Offers/Loyalty Programs

If there is one age-old sales technique that remains relevant till now, it should be offers and loyalty programs. It can be of any form like rewards, membership discounts, coupons, or referral codes. 78% of consumers say good loyalty programs influence them to make repeat purchases. Personalize the offers based on your customer’s buying pattern, frequency, and lifetime value.

Consumer Engagement

While the entire sale process goes online post-pandemic, it is crucial to establish good relationships with your consumers. From the first conversation to the purchase and after-sales, be there for your customer, address their queries, and make it easy for them to use your product. Elevating your customer experience is one of the key sale strategies after the pandemic, which will get more referrals for your business.

Hybrid Sales

Hybrid sale is one of the most effective sales techniques post-pandemic. It is here to stay as businesses today drive nearly 50% more revenue compared to traditional sales methods. Consumers today are very clear about their expectations. Omni channel approach, personalized emails and messages, interactive video calls/meetings, and flexible payment options are some of the strategies that worked out well since 2019.

Tips To Motivate Your Sales Team Post-Pandemic

Here are some simple tips to motivate your sales team to adapt to the Gen Z selling process:

  • Encourage your sales team to learn new selling techniques.
  • Discuss their difficulties and set realistic goals.
  • Save their time from repetitive tasks with the help of automation.
  • Give periodic training sessions to keep them updated.
  • Have some fun activities and outings to keep them stress-free and motivated.


Though the pandemic has changed the way consumers buy from a business, the basics of sales still remain the same. Eventually, people will buy from people who empathize with them. Keep that in mind and update yourself with the new sale techniques to increase your sales and stay successful.

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