The Most Powerful Endgame Build In Diablo 4 Season 2! – Arc Lash Sorcerer Build Guide

Season 2 BEST END GAME Arc Lash Sorcerer Build Guide Diablo 4

Here I bring my Diablo 4 Season 2 Arc Lash Sorcerer Endgame build guide. This build deals incredibly high damage. It is achieved by using the skill you unlock at level 2, Arc Lash.


As a melee build, it may not be an easy build to conquer high tier Nightmare Dungeons, but with clever use of Frost Nova and Flame Shield, your survivability is virtually limitless.

This build deals damage by using Arc Lash for quick attacks, producing massive ‍Unstable Currents and ‍Ball Lightning effects. Since most of our damage comes from Lucky Hit effects, the more enemies we fight, the higher the damage will naturally be. But even against bosses, as long as they don’t keep running out of Ball Lightning, the damage we can do is pretty good.

With all 4 defensive skills this build has and the additional cooldown reduction of Glinting Arc Lash, this build is about as tanky as a sorcerer can get. 

It’s worth noting that this build doesn’t require any specific Legendary Aspects. Each of them provides a small bonus, and missing one or two won’t break the build.

Also, since this build very much requires statistics, not aspects. Therefore, you’ll need Cooldown Reduction, Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance to get the best out of this build. So, you have to tweak your build and play weaker versions until you get all those stats. Let’s take a closer look!


Arc Lash is our crucial skill, and it does decent damage on its own, but that’s not the main reason we use it. Arc Lash’s animation speed is fast and the number of critical hits is two, which are very suitable for triggering various Lucky Hit effects, mainly Ball Lightning and ‍Static Discharge.

On top of that, Glinting Arc Lash’s cooldown reduction is absolutely invaluable against a build where every other skill has a cooldown.

diablo 4 Arc Lash

Every time we cast Arc Lash, Unstable Currents will cast a random electric shock skill, more than doubling its damage and Lucky Hit Chance.

Overall, our DPS almost quadrupled when Unstable Currents went up. So we’re stacking all sources of cooldown reduction together to get cooldowns more often.

Frost Nova is both a defensive skill and an offensive skill. It keeps us safe by freezing all enemies in place and significantly increases our damage output by making them Vulnerable.

‍Ice Armor gives us a huge barrier. Any upgrades to this skill can be made if you buy Diablo 4 Gold a lot in advance. This way, when we find an amulet with a defensive skill level, this build can become even more tanky. In addition, Flame Shield provides more defense, as well as some healing effects.

diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Skill Tree


Sorcerer can choose two skills to put into the enchantment slot, providing powerful passive bonuses.

Among them, Ball Lightning will cause a lot of damage and generate Crackling Energy. Fireball provides us with greater AOE coverage, which helps us deal with large numbers of enemies.

But we can usually make adjustments to the second Enchantments slot. ‍You can select Teleport to increase your movement speed when farming, improving Diablo 4 Gold farming efficiency. ‍Fire Bolt allows us to gain extra damage when entering high tier Nightmare Dungeons.

Vampiric Power

Diablo 4 Season 2 introduces the new Vampiric Power mechanic. You can activate Vampiric Power in Sanguine Circle by equipping the correct Pact Armor. Keep in mind that different Powers require different amounts of different types of Pact Armor.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Arc Lash Sorcerer’s best Vampiric Powers and how they impact this build:

  • Ravenous: Greatly increases the attack speed of this build, perfect for any non-channeling build.
  • Anticipation: Reduces the cooldown of Unstable Currents by 20%.
  • Hectic: Reduced the cooldown of all basic skills.
  • Metamorphosis: Apply Vampiric Curse and Unstoppable Status Effects, and give us a damage bonus via Tibault’s Will.
  • Moonrise: Provides more attack speed and some basic skill damage.
diablo 4 Metamorphosis

Gear & Stats

Currently, many of the skill options for this Arc Lash Sorcerer depend on your use of Legendary Aspects and Diablo 4 items. So here are some tips on the gear and aspects of this build.

You can add Rapid Aspect to the amulet to increase attack speed.

I also recommend you put Aspect of Control and Storm Swell Aspect on Rings or Gloves. Since weapons are changed frequently, avoid wasting Diablo 4 Gold.

Aspect of the Bounding Conduit can only be placed on Boots.

It’s best to put Aspect of Disobedience on Pants, since you can only place defensive Aspects there.

You can equip Aspect of Might and ‍Snowveiled Aspect on Helmet or Chest.

diablo 4 Storm Swell Aspect

Paragon Board

Once you reach level 50, all glyphs will drop. You can only find each glyph once, so it doesn’t take long for you to have them all. Once you find them, you’ll need to upgrade your glyphs by completing Nightmare Dungeons. Level 15 glyphs increase their radius, making it easier to activate their perks.

These glyphs are only used when leveling up, as some of our endgame glyphs cannot be activated until you reach level 15. Be careful not to upgrade these glyphs, as you will replace them later.

diablo 4 Arc Lash Sorcerer Paragon Board

Tips Clearing Tier 100 NM Dungeons

Arc Lash Sorcerer is a very simple build. Its great power can help you conquer Tier 100 NM Dungeons easily and deal a devastating blow to Uber Lilith.

Players can first start the battle by Teleporting and using Frost Nova to freeze enemies and make them Vulnerable. If you’re ready and the enemy is strong enough, you can also activate Unstable Currents.

We can then use Arc Lash to generate Ball Lightnings underneath the enemy. When the enemy thaws and starts to fight back, don’t forget to use Ice Armor to protect yourself.

If the fight lasts more than a few seconds, you can also use Teleport to refresh Shimmering Teleport buff and keep ‍Flame Shield on standby.

After the battle, make sure to pick up some Crackling Energy before teleporting forward. This will allow you to reset your Unstable Currents and ‍Teleport.

Diablo 4 LVL 70+ Sorcerer Arc Lash Build Nightmare Dungeon Gameplay


Arc Lash Sorcerer is a powerful build that can put out absolutely insane amounts of damage under the right conditions. The ease of use and effectiveness of this build will redefine your Diablo 4 experience. So get ready to embark on an epic journey into Diablo 4 with the best endgame Arc Lash Sorcerer build from Season 2!

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