Success For a Fisherman or Wide Receiver: NYT Crossword Answer

success for a fisherman or wide receiver

How to Solve “Success for a Fisherman or Wide Receiver”

Break It Down: Begin by analyzing the clue. It mentions two seemingly unrelated professions: a fisherman and a wide receiver (from football). What common action do they both perform that equates to success?

Word Association: Associating common actions with the professions can lead to a solution. A fisherman’s success might be catching fish, and a wide receiver’s triumph might involve catching a football.

Techniques to Solve “Success for a Fisherman or Wide Receiver”

Synonyms and Antonyms: Think about words that mean the same or opposite of the clue given. For instance, both a fisherman and a wide receiver “grab” or “capture” something.

Context Clues: Look at the surrounding answers in the crossword. Sometimes they can hint towards or even directly relate to the solution.

Eliminate Improbabilities: If you have a few letters filled out in the answer’s spaces, consider which letters might fit and which probably won’t. This can lead you closer to the correct answer.

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What is the Answer to “Success for a Fisherman or Wide Receiver?”

The answer, as many have deduced from the above techniques, is CATCH. This 5-letter word perfectly encapsulates the triumphant moments of both a fisherman and a wide receiver.

Understanding the Clue and Answer Better

FISHERMAN: As defined, a fisherman is someone whose occupation revolves around catching fish. Therefore, a “catch” would signify a successful day at work.

RECEIVER: In football terminology, a receiver’s primary job is to “catch” a forward pass. A successfully caught pass can lead to significant game advancements and scores.


Crossword puzzles, particularly from reputed sources like the New York Times, provide a unique blend of challenge and entertainment. While they test our linguistic and cognitive skills, they also offer the joy of discovery when we finally “catch” the right answer. Whether you’re a seasoned solver or a newbie, remember that each puzzle enhances your problem-solving skills. And the next time you come across a tricky clue, don’t hesitate to break it down and dive deep into the world of words.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often do clues like this appear in the NYT crossword?

While unique, such clues that relate two seemingly unrelated subjects are a common challenge in NYT puzzles. They’re designed to test lateral thinking and word association skills.

Why are some crossword clues so challenging?

Crossword clues are designed to be enigmatic, requiring solvers to think outside the box. The thrill of solving such puzzles lies in the challenge they present.

Where can I find more solutions to NYT crosswords?

Many dedicated websites and forums provide solutions and discussions on NYT crossword puzzles.

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