Shares Below 1 Rupee – Which Penny Stocks Should You Buy?

The table below presents Shares Below 1 Rupee based on the highest market capitalization.

Stock NamesMarket CapClose Price
Future Consumer Ltd188.720.95
Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd89.240.7
NCL Research and Financial Services Ltd81.340.76
GV Films Ltd80.490.88
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd70.530.5
AJR Infra and Tolling Ltd65.930.7
Shrenik Ltd61.21
Siti Networks Ltd61.040.7
Monotype India Ltd58.360.83
Future Enterprises Ltd56.760.75

Explore Shares Below 1 Rupee and gain valuable insights into the factors influencing these investment opportunities. 

Best Penny Stocks in India Below 1 Rupee

Embark on a journey into the realm of penny stocks, where shares below 1 Rupee offer an enticing entry point into the world of investing. Despite their modest price tags, these stocks can pack a punch, presenting both risk and reward for savvy investors. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the unique dynamics of these affordable securities, uncovering the potential for growth and the factors that drive their market performance.

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Future Consumer Ltd

Future Consumer Limited, an India-based FMCG company, specializes in branding, manufacturing, and distributing a wide range of consumer products. Their offerings span across food, home care, personal care, and beauty categories. Notable brands include Tasty Treat, Golden Harvest, Karmiq, and Think Skin. With a diverse portfolio encompassing ready-to-eat snacks, beverages, and personal care items, the company boasts a robust infrastructure including food processing units and cold storage facilities.

Alstone Textiles (India) Ltd

Alstone Textiles (India) Limited, an India-based company, primarily trades in fabrics and engages in investment activities. Their focus lies in supplying textiles and distributing third-party products for unsecured personal and corporate loans. Operating within the finance activity segment, the company offers a diverse fabric line including cotton, woolen, silk, ready-made garments, hosiery, and synthetic fibers.

NCL Research and Financial Services Ltd

NCL Research & Financial Services Limited, an India-based NBFC, focuses on financing and investing in shares, securities, and commodities within the capital market. Operating through the Finance & Investments segment, it conducts trading and investment activities in equities, futures, options, and commodities, alongside its financing services. Targeting MSMEs, SMEs, and corporate sectors, the company offers secured and unsecured loans tailored to client risk profiles. Additionally, it trades textile products and invests in shares and securities.

GV Films Ltd

G.V. Films Limited, based in India, specializes in film production, processing, and editing. Its three verticals include Film Production and Distribution, Film Exhibition, and New Media Technology. Currently, it’s working on two films: “The White Land,” a socio-political drama, and “Brides Wanted,” a romantic comedy in Hinglish. The company’s Film Distribution Division, One Window, handles both in-house and external movie releases. Additionally, it owns and operates five screens in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, while its subsidiary, GV Studio City Limited, offers Miniplex, a food court, and entertainment experiences.

Excel Realty N Infra Ltd

Excel Realty N Infra Limited, an India-based company, primarily focuses on IT-enabled BPO services, infrastructure development, and general trading. Operating through three segments: Infrastructure, BPO/IT services, and general trading, it offers customer care services, manages client relations, and provides inbound and outbound services. The company’s projects include tunneling and hard rock excavation at Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Pranahitha Sujata Sravanthi in Hyderabad.

AJR Infra and Tolling Ltd

AJR Infra and Tolling Ltd, an India-based infrastructure development company, specializes in PPP projects across various sectors including roads, ports, hydropower, and urban infrastructure. Their services range from project development and advisory to sector-specific operations and maintenance. Notable projects include Vizag Seaport Private Limited (VSPL) for the development of multipurpose berths at Visakhapatnam Port on a BOT basis, among others.

Shrenik Ltd

Shrenik Limited, based in India, specializes in trading and processing various paper products, including pulp and paper boards. Its business is categorized into Coated Paper, Uncoated Maplitho Paper, Copier Paper, Duplex Board, and Folding Boxboard. Notable brands include Shrenik Premium Copier Paper and Shrenik Premium Digital Paper. The company offers a range of products including fine coated papers, woodfree uncoated-highbrights, and copier papers, alongside other specialty items like graphic boards and ledger papers.

Siti Networks Ltd

SITI Networks Limited, an India-based holding company, operates a digital television network, offering cable television and allied services across India. Its product range includes digital and analog cable TV, broadband, and local television channels. Utilizing advanced technology, it provides digital services with features like video on demand and an electronic programming guide through set-top boxes. Marketed under the SITI brand, it also offers digital TV packages and subscriber forms. Subsidiaries include Indian Cable Net Company Limited and Central Bombay Cable Network Limited.

Monotype India Ltd

Monotype India Limited, an India-based financial and investment company, engages in trading shares, providing financial services, and investment activities. The company’s outlook appears encouraging, allowing it to finance and invest in various forms including shares, stocks, bonds, and securities. Additionally, it offers financing to industrial enterprises and acts as financial advisors to companies and other business entities.

Future Enterprises Ltd

Future Enterprises Limited, an India-based integrated fashion business company, operates across various sectors including manufacturing, trading, asset leasing, and logistics services. It caters to general retailers and wholesale trading of fast-moving consumer goods. Its business arm, Future Supply Chain (FCS), offers end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions including warehousing and e-commerce logistics. Future Generali India Insurance provides retail, commercial, personal, and rural insurance products. Subsidiaries include Future bazaar India Limited and Bluerock eServices Private Limited, among others.

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