Score the Best Deal on Your Diabetic Supplies: How to Sell Them for Top Dollar

Score the Best Deal on Your Diabetic Supplies How to Sell Them for Top Dollar

Turn unused diabetic supplies into cash! Learn how to sell test strips, sensors, and more for the best prices.

Let’s be honest managing diabetes is expensive enough without the added frustration of unused supplies piling up. Whether you switched medications, your insurance changed, or your management improved, those boxes of extra diabetic test strips, unused insulin, and other supplies represent potential money tied up in your medicine cabinet.  It’s time to turn them into cash!

The Resale Market: Understanding Your Options

Not Just for Donations: While donating is admirable, sometimes you need financial relief. Luckily, there’s a thriving market for unused diabetic supplies.

Why People Buy Them: They serve various needs from helping those who lack insurance afford supplies to even responsible uses in animal care or training.

Finding the Best Buyer Is Key: Not all companies are created equal. Look for those with good reputations, transparent pricing, and who prioritize what happens to your supplies after you sell them.

Getting Top Dollar: Tips for Smart Sellers

  • Test strips (especially popular brands) are the hottest commodity. Some buyers also purchase certain unopened insulin and sensors. Check expiration dates, as even slightly expired ones may have value.
  • Don’t accept the first offer! Compare quotes from several reputable buyers to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. Companies like Diabetics Trust make it easy to compare and see what your supplies are truly worth.
  • Does the buyer offer free shipping? Speedy payment? These things add value beyond just the cash amount.

Why Selling Beats Tossing

Financial Boost: The obvious win is getting cash back for something you weren’t using. Put it towards copays, new tech, or whatever helps ease your diabetes costs.

Waste Reduction: Unused diabetic supplies in landfills are a problem. Reselling helps the environment by ensuring they get used responsibly.

Helping Others: You can make a difference! Your supplies might be the key to someone managing their diabetes when they otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Maximize Your Payout: How to Get the Best Price

Getting top dollar for your supplies comes down to a few key tactics.  Start by taking inventory and know exactly what you have,  brand names, quantities, expiration dates, etc. This information is vital when comparing offers. Do your research!  Prices vary between buyers, and factors like shipping costs and how fast you get paid make a difference in your final profit. It’s also crucial to have realistic expectations.  You won’t get the full retail price for used supplies, but by being informed, you can avoid getting lowballed.

Pro Tips for Smart Sellers

Want to maximize your earnings?  Here are a few extra strategies:  Firstly, pay attention to market trends. If you know a new CGM model is about to be released, selling your old sensors just beforehand can sometimes fetch a better price.  Secondly, storage matters!  Buyers want supplies that have been stored correctly, so a cool, dry place as recommended will preserve their value. Finally, consider bundling similar items together. Selling a large lot of test strips, even if different brands, might be appealing to a buyer and make the process smoother for you.

Ready to Cash In?

Companies like Diabetics Trust specialize in buying unused diabetic supplies, offering fair prices, a hassle-free process, and a commitment to safe handling. Get your free quote today and discover how easy it is to score the best deal on your supplies!

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