Rome, Italy – Olympic Bid Project

Rome, Italy - Olympic Bid Project
Rome, Italy - Olympic Bid Project

The summer Olympic Games held nowadays are intricate and large enough in scope to be described as mega-events. They demand numerous resources such as physical, human, and financial assets and intangibles like the host city’s brand for timely execution. The impact of such investments is long-lasting and crucial for host cities with stable economies. Therefore, it is critical to consider the Games’ true value and determine the issues affecting organizers by obtaining information on their governance systems and the procedures highlighted in host cities. A study will be conducted to consider if Rome is fit to support the 2032 Olympic Games  (Hire Dissertation writer experts).

The connection between governance, ownership, and delivery of the Olympic Summer Games is intricate but requires speculation to acknowledge the party most responsible for the issues halting their success. Contemporary Gaming events are managed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). However, the entire event is predominantly delivered by other parties, particularly the host nation or city (The modern Olympic Games, 2009). If given an opportunity in 2032, Rome will deliver all the development practices and infrastructure needed by the Olympic Summer Games. Moreover, the city will support the global federations representing the winter and summer events. Apart from the numerous roles Rome’s private sector plays in supporting the Olympic Games, it will also contribute through sponsorship, contracted services, and other values. Eventually, many volunteers will contribute significantly to the whole event management in Rome. The Game staging will inevitably be perfected with the efficient remunerated labor in Rome (The modern Olympic Games, 2009). Therefore, by accepting to support the OCOG, the NOC, Rome will be bound to all commitments engaged collectively or individually regarding the 2032 Olympic Summer Games and Olympic Movement if given an opportunity (Contact term paper writers using this link).

Rome has one of the most interesting histories of the Olympics. Additionally, Rome’s summer Games of 1960 are still famous globally. They were the first to broadcast internationally and accompany the Paralympics Games edition. Rome has hosted some of the biggest international events, including Rome Derby (Roma vs. Lazio), Milan Derby (AC Milan vs. Inter Milan), Gran Permio d’Italia (Motorsport), and Watching Umana Reyer Venezia (Basketball) (Editor, 2022). Alongside these achievements, the 1960 event introduced many innovations to Rome, which are still potential tourist attractions. For example, the city has some of the most classic hotels in Italy, such as Hilton Garden in, Hotel Navona, Napoleon Hotel Roma, and Hotel Archimede. The hotels are popular for their five-star class services, good hospitality, and accessible location, which could attract and accommodate many visitors in case of anOlympic Games event (Beyond the games, 2022). Furthermore, some of the newly established infrastructures that could host the games include but are not limited to the Foro Italico, the Stadio Olimpico, the Stadio del Nuoto, the Stadio Pietrangelo, and the Stadio Centrale del Tennis. They could host gaming activities like swimming, football, athletics, and diving. These features undoubtedly support that Rome is the ideal place to host the 2032 Olympic Games.

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Olympic Hosting Venues

Acqua Santa Golf Club CourseModern pentathlon (running)Not listed.
Arch of ConstantineAthletics (marathon – finish line)14,400
Basilica of MaxentiusWrestling5,402
Baths of CaracallaGymnastics5,402
Campo Tre FontaneField hockey5,000
Cesano Infantry School RangeShooting (300 m free rifle)Not listed.
Stadio Artemio Franchi (Florence)Football57,020
Stadio Olimpico Carlo Zecchini (Grosseto)Football17,970
Gulf of NaplesSailingNot listed.
Stadio Tommaso Fattori (L’Aquila)Football8,900
Lake AlbanoCanoeing, Rowing8,900
Lazio Pigeon Shooting StandShooting (shotgun trap)2,000
Livorno Ardenza StadiumFootball25,000
Stadio San Paolo (Naples)Football90,000
Olympic VelodromeCycling (track), Field hockey17,856
Palazzo dei CongressiFencing, Modern pentathlon (fencing)Not listed.
Palazzo dello SportBasketball, Boxing13,839
Palazzetto dello sportBasketball, WeightliftingNot listed.
Passo CoreseModern pentathlon (riding)They are not listed.
Stadio Adriatico (Pescara)Football21,000
Piazza di SienaEquestrian (dressage, eventing dressage/ jumping, jumping individual)15,000
Piscina Delle RoseWater polo1,850
Pratoni del VivaroEquestrian (eventing)Not listed.
Raccordo AnulareAthletics (Marathon)Not listed.
Stadio Dei MarmiField hockey15,000
Stadio FlaminioFootball (final)46,873
Stadio OlimpicoAthletics75,513
Stadio Olimpico del NuotoDiving, Modern pentathlon (swimming), Swimming, Water polo20,000
Umberto I Shooting RangeModern pentathlon (Shooting), Shooting (pistol, rifle)Not listed.
Via Appia AnticaAthletics (Marathon)Not listed.
Via CassiaCycling (individual road race)Not listed.
Via FlaminiaCycling (individual road race)Not listed.
Via Cristoforo ColomboAthletics (marathon), cycling (road team time trial)19,200
Via di GrottarossaCycling (individual road race)41,800

Rome has a stable economy. Its trade rate is estimated to be about 0.1 percent of global trade. Moreover, its GDP was € 94.376 billion in 2005. Rome generates 6.7 percent of the country’s GDP. The city is remarkable, with a population of over 2,860 009 within 496.1 sq mi (Rome Population, n.d.). Logistics and transportation have also been crucial in Rome, with much of the city’s infrastructure developed by Romans in the past still existing. The city’s favorable location has also prompted the development of the transport sector and railway industry, which makes it accessible to southern and northern regions. Therefore, there is no doubt that Rome is ideal for hosting the Olympic Games in 2032.

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