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Pizza is a comfort food that you can not at all live without. Even though the basic constituents that hold on a pizza are similar for diverse options, this is how they are made, and that makes all the variation. No matter how much you like pizzas; you can easily find some pizza choices that you haven’t even known about before. And with a wide range available at Domino’s near-me outlets, you will feel pleased to have different pizzas at one pace.

Different Types of Pizza by Domino’s

Everybody likes varieties, especially when it comes to pizzas. If you are a fan of pizza, you must try the following pizza varieties served at Domino’s outlets.

1. Burger Pizza

A burger pizza mixes the finest flavours from both a burger and pizza. The bread of the burger pizza is prepared employing new pizza dough mixed with secret herbs. It is offered in veg and non-veg alternatives and involves capsicum, onions, paneer, mozzarella cheese, etc., for the filling. The non-veg variety also has chicken as its toppings.

2. Veg Pizza

Filled with different veg toppings, veg pizza by Domino’s is what a veg person would like to go through. These pizzas are prepared using new pizza dough, special pizza sauce and herbs, mozzarella cheese, and a considerable spread of toppings. Each veg pizza offered by Domino’s outlets has various toppings such as capsicum, onion, mushroom, tomato, olive, corn, jalapeno, etc. You can select toppings you like by personalizing your preferred veg pizza choices.

3. Paratha Pizza

The latest addition to Domino’s menu is the paratha pizza, which is for health-conscious people. Filled with the benefits of a paratha’s special flavours and goodness, this is the finest thing a foodie can always look for. A pizza paratha involves a good quantity of mozzarella cheese, onions, capsicum, and various other essential ingredients for the main topping.

4. Non-veg Pizza

The non-veg pizza by Domino’s is fully loaded with chicken and various non-veg toppings. These pizzas easily mix the best Italian and Indian flavours, so it is a must-try option. Even though the toppings are not similar for all the pizzas, you can normally get red paprika, peri peri chicken, pepper barbecue chicken, BBQ chicken, etc., as the major toppings.

5. Pizza Mania

The pizza mania range by Domino’s includes mostly one-topping pizzas. Onion pizza, capsicum pizza, golden corn pizza, cheese, etc., are a few of the finest pizzas served in the range of pizza mania. The toppings will be based on the pizza mania choice you prefer, but if you need a pizza that includes a good mix of toppings, move ahead with the veg-loaded pizza alternative.

6. Chicken Lovers Pizza

There is nothing known as too much chicken for non-veg pizza lovers. That is why Domino’s provides a thick spread of non-vegetarian pizzas filled with diverse chicken toppings. The Five Feast pizza, seasoned double chicken, and indo-fusion chicken pizza are some of the best pizza alternatives you must try. Even though a chicken pizza has different toppings, such as peri peri chicken, barbecue chicken, onions, red paprika, capsicum, etc.

Domino’s Pizza Types Based on Crusts

What differentiates a pizza from the others is its layer or crust. If you wish to know what pizzas with different crusts savour like, try the following pizza options at Domino’s near me shops:

1. Classic Hand-tossed

An essential part of this pizza is you can add any toppings you wish and in any quantity. This crust is prepared by hand, lengthening the pizza dough, creating the crust crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. You can select whatever Domino’s pizza you wish the most and enhance it to a crust of classic hand-tossed. It will accompany all the toppings and cheese ideally.

2. Fresh Pan Pizza

This pizza option is crispy, buttery on the borders, and soft on the inner side. The pizza dough is normally soft in a fresh pan variety, which offers it a different taste. Based on the pizza you choose to a fresh pan crust, the covering or toppings you get on it will differ. But usually, you can explore toppings such as jalapeno, olive, mozzarella cheese, onions, capsicum, etc., on this pizza variety.

3. Wheat Thin Crust Pizza

Do you think that the crust in the regular pizza type could have been less for a better taste? If yes, you must choose Domino’s pizza with a wheat-thin crust. Prepared with wheat flour, this pizza crust is light, tasty, and crispy. As you can enhance any pizza to a wheat-thin crust option, you can normally get toppings such as tomato, onion, corn, capsicum, etc., on a pizza with wheat-thin crust.

4. Cheese Burst

If you want your pizza to be more cheesy, you must go for Domino’s cheese burst pizza option. Even if you enjoy veg or non-veg pizza, you can simply make it taste extra cheesy by personalizing it for more cheese. Pizza lovers who go with cheese burst crust can enjoy lots of liquid cheese licking from the sides and the crust.

5. New Hand-tossed

This type of pizza crust is prepared by using a more hand-stretched dough. This pizza is very soft inside and crispy at the borders. Any pizza filled with veg or non-veg toppings can be prepared with the new hand-tossed crust for increased taste. You can also add different toppings as per your wish at an extra cost.


The world is occupied with never-ending pizza types that are uniformly flavourful and deserve your attention. With diverse toppings and crusts to select from, it can be tough to compromise on the best pizza when hungry. Thus, to solve your problem, we have discussed the most popular pizzas you must know about. If you wish to discover more pizza options from one place, you can ever go to Domino’s near me outlets or order online from Swiggy. It will let you try different Domino’s pizzas without leaving home, including huge discounts.

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