Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Alkaline Water Machine

Buying an Alkaline Water Machine

Through the increasing demand for alkaline water, having an alkaline machine at home can be beneficial to your health. But not every alkaline water machine is built the same. When looking to purchase an alkaline water ionizer, some important factors you’ll want to take into account include.

Things to Consider While Buying an Alkaline Water Machine

The Type of Filtration System

The type of filtration system is one of the most important factors. More effective water filters eliminate more impurities and improve the quality of processed liquids before ionization. Coconut shell-based activated carbon block filters are the best as they efficiently eliminate chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides; volatile organic compounds such as chlorine and chloramines. To get the purest alkaline water, it is advised that multi-stage filtration systems with pre and post-filters be used.

pH Level Options

An alkaline water machine that is capable of producing different pH levels would be beneficial since each type has unique health impacts. A water alkalizer machine of this type produces water that has a pH of between 4.5 (acidic) and 11. Seek one that can turn water with a pH level of 9 It should also feature adjustable alkalinity settings to cater for the pH level you may want.

Plate Material and Number

Ionizers based on alkaline ionization split water into two components, the acidic and alkaline streams happening using platinum-coated titanium plates. Ionization depends on the number of plates, which is usually between five and eleven. A greater number of plates usually imply increased ionization and pH values. The quality of the plates is also important. However, the best places for splitting water molecules are Japanese-manufactured solid mesh plates.

ORP Capabilities

The oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) represents the number of antioxidants or ‘free electrons’ present in water. Lower values of ORP indicate a higher antioxidant level. Seek a water alkalizer machine that produces ORP of at least -150mV to find the most antioxidant strength.

Flow Rate

The flow rate measures the amount of alkaline ionized water per minute produced. Lower flow rates around 1 to 2 gallons per minute are ideal for faster water bottle filling. Lower flow rates are less fast but can have higher alkaline pH levels.

Don’t Forget These Alkaline Water Machine Features

Convenience Features

Search for added convenience features, such as the automatic shut-off and a light that notifies you when it is time to replace the filter. Some systems also allow you to carbonate the water or add mineral drops. Spigots for both alkaline and acidic water are also handy.

The Company’s Reputation & Support

Select a company that has strong ethics, long history, and highly professional client relations. Find a warranty that lasts for three to five years or longer. It makes repairs and troubleshooting easier if one buys from an American wholesaler.

Installation & Maintenance

Choose a solution that involves little installation. One-piece under-sink units are convenient to install. Additionally, make sure to find out how frequently filters need replacement and where such replacements can be bought. Systems that have reminders or alerts of maintenance make upkeep easy.

Performance Testing & Certification

Seek a device that has been independently tested concerning contaminant removal and verified in pH, ORP, and flow rate claims. NSF/ANSI compliance means safety and quality standards. Performance is also validated through JET, WQA, and UL certificates.

Design & Durability

Think about the dimensions size, and weight of the machine to be able to it in there. Ensure that it is made out of durable materials such as stainless steel, which can withstand the constant washing action. A machine that will last longer is a durable one. Look at reviews about noise levels as well.


Plan a budget and look for the cheapest machine that meets your needs.

Other Tips for Buying an Alkaline Water Machine

  • Shop around before deciding. Compare prices and features of various brands. Read reviews from other buyers.
  • In place of a machine, I would recommend signing up for an alkaline ionized water subscription service that delivers the product directly to your doorstep in reusable containers.
  • Purchase your unit from a dealer that is known for being reliable and one who offers outstanding customer service should the need arise to make any repairs or replacements. Buy more filters and parts from them.
  • Beware of misleading health claims that are not supported by scientific evidence. On the other hand, alkaline water has advantages but is not a panacea.
  • First, make sure that the alkaline ionized water of your machine meets its advertised pH level.
  • Choose a unit that has a lifetime warranty for electrical parts because they usually break down frequently.
  • In case you cannot afford to purchase the water alkalizer machine, find ways in which to finance it. Some companies offer payment plans.
  • Use alkaline water systems that do not have many plastic components or tubing which give off some chemicals.
  • Clean and sanitize your machine frequently for top-notch condition.
  • Enjoy your alkaline ionized water! With the appropriate alkaline water machine, drinking ionized water can become part of a healthy lifestyle.


In conclusion, the purchase of an alkaline water machine ensures that there is clean ionized, and antioxidants mineral purified from your kitchen faucet. It is important to carefully consider the main factors above when looking for a system that will enable one to enjoy all possible hydrating and detoxifying benefits of alkaline ionized water. Drink to your health!

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