How to Stay Updated with Share Market Trends

An investor should track the market news and current events and estimate their impact on stocks. Today, because of the quick access to news we can easily stay updated about what’s happening in the world. It’s crucial to track the news because any incident in one country might have an impact on the national stock exchange because of the connected global economy. This news analysis might help to predict what could be the trend for the domestic stock market and where to put your funds to see maximum growth. The news analysis is not as easy as it looks because it involves a lot of estimations and calculations. To stay updated of stock market developments while on the move, utilise the below-mentioned methods for accessing news conveniently.

1. Podcasts

Podcasts could be a way of consuming the news through an audio-only mode. This mode could be used by people who are very busy or are regular commuters. They can just plug in their earphones and get the audio news about the investing trends. These podcasts also include various beneficial options like replaying and quick consumption of news in a few minutes. As these podcasts are recorded versions of news, they’re preferred for long-term investment. Also, this could be a preferable option for people who think watching news to get market updates is a task and want to save time by multitasking.

2. Scrolling Tickers

Scrolling tickers are usually preferred by active traders as they want to get every day quick updates of news. They are horizontal text-based displays on the bottom of the screen, typically in the form of a graphic. They display the share market live updates, and one can easily access the full news of the ticker by just clicking on it. Active traders often prefer this option to get regular news updates. Also, tickers available on apps like IIFL Securities are easily customisable, so you can select the type of news you want the ticker to show. This again helps with multitasking as you can easily track the news while working on something completely different from the news. Also, these tickers provide live market updates.

3. News Websites

Another way to stay updated with the share market trends is by visiting news websites like CNN, BBC, etc. One can follow many share market news websites or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated with the market. These news include market news that might affect the prices of the stocks, and the most important news is listed first. These websites also provide an option to subscribe to their newsletter, which provides daily news in a PDF format.

4. Tailored Notifications

To be good at online broking one must be aware of what’s going around the world. For this, one must have access to platforms that have comprehensive news coverage on specific topics. One can have access by subscribing to tailored alert services like Google Alerts. They offer an option of customisation to receive updates in real-time or daily digest format. Choose your desired subjects or keywords, and these platforms utilise algorithms and AI to continuously scan various sources such as news websites, blogs, and social media and give news related to that topic. 

5. Aggregated News Platforms

These platforms gather news from all over the web and organise it simply for you to consume it easily. They help to discover sites and blogs which provide international stock market news that you may not have been aware of before. For example, Google News, Feedly, CNN, etc

6. Social Media

Social media is one of the powerful tools to consume various industry-related news, specifically Twitter and LinkedIn. On these platforms, mainly the type of audience that is present is usually of a higher calibre. So, they provide their expert opinion on a particular topic based on their study and experience. You can follow various finance experts or people who discuss topics related to the stock market. Even company pages on these platforms provide important news, so it’s beneficial to follow them. This might help you understand the market and its trends better.


To stay updated with share market trends, it’s essential that one has access to various news broadcasting websites and share market trends. Earlier, it was a little difficult to be updated about these trends. But, with the introduction to technology and everything being available online, it’s easier to have quick access to market news. One can use sources like podcasts, online news platforms, social media, news websites, etc, to get easy access to news. The availability of multiple platforms helps to analyse news better and understand its impact on the market. This, in turn, helps to make informed decisions related to long-term investing. 

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