How to Start a Customize Tumbler Cups Business

How to Start a Customize Tumbler Cups Business

How to Start a Customize Tumbler Cups Business

The world and its mannerisms have evolved into realms we never knew existed. Like never before, the world grapples with an unending demand for tumbler cups. This is something that previous generations took casually and might not raved so much about. However, Gen Zers show us that such little things as tumbler cups count. They are easy to spot, even by just making a few scrolls through social media. Read more about the customized tumbler business and how to get started.

You’d find a media influencer shaking it after a morning run. Some love going to the gym with big Stanleys’ cups. They make the cups part of their flex, making a few sips before shaking the ice cubes and producing satisfying, rocky noises. Even Generation Alpha is getting a whim on the same. 

Another spottable trend is that these two generations are not all generic. They love customized tumbler cups to promote some business, speak a pertinent message, or have their name. Some hawk-eyed printing businesses have already dived into this pool of opportunities.

While spotting such an opportunity is easy, satisfying the seen needs is more challenging. You’re faced with many considerations, calculations, and thoughts to make before taking the first buck off your account. Besides, such a new field comes with a double share. You might do so well at first but wane off your business. On the other hand, you might quickly start but fail right off the bat. So, if you want to pounce on this prey, let’s get to it.

The preliminary stages

1. Research: This involves sourcing information from all around using any means possible. Look all around you for such a business and establish your competitors. You want to have solid information about your area and target market. With the proper research, you’ll establish how far you can go to attract your clients and keep them hooked.

2. Tools and Equipment: A vinyl cutter, heat press, and tumbler press printer will be the first items on your bucket list. Then you will need a few more other tools and pieces of Equipment like epoxy, glitter, and vinyl. You may take out a saw, sandpaper, and a drill press for more unique tumbler designs. 

3. Tumblers: The next primary consideration is tumblers. You’ll need as many cups as possible with high durability and resistance to wear and tear. So, take time to source a reliable tumbler supplier whose price is within your budget.

4. Shipping supplies: Consider affordable shipping supplies that will ensure the safety of your tumblers and other resources. These include boxes or cartons, bubble wrap for delicate equipment, and packing tape.

5. Marketing materials: Spare some funds for getting brochures, business cards, handbills, and other marketing materials. 

6. Website and social media: You need a website for a world that spends most of its day on the internet and social media. Create social media accounts to showcase your products and attract new clients.

7. Design software: Hire a graphics designer or do it yourself using Core1DRAW, Adobe Illustrator, and other premium design software.

How much do you need to start a tumbler business?

There’s no one-size-fits-all regarding the starting price of such a business. This is because a few factors, including your choice of Equipment and materials, influence the price. However, here’s a rough idea of how much you’d spend when starting a Tumbler cups business:

  • Equipment takes the most significant part of your investment. To get started with the most needed Equipment (heat press, tumbler press, and vinyl cutter), you need up to as much as $2500. Other Equipment, like epoxy, glitter, and vinyl, was added to the budget.
  • Design software: You’d need to sign up for a premium monthly subscription to Adobe Illustrator. As such, you’ll pay between $30 and $50 monthly.
  • Business registration: This may cost between $50 and $500, depending on the state where the business is located. 
  • Website: Allocate up to $1,000 to build and maintain the website.
  • Packaging and shipping supplies: Shipping supplies could be generic or custom-printed boxes, packing tape, stickers, tissue papers, bubble wraps, ribbons, etc. Such items add up quickly and would need several hundred or thousand dollars.

Is a Customized Tumbler Cups Business Worth it?

Compared to others, the tumbler cups business is a low-cost investment. You have relatively low overhead costs and affordable Equipment. The market for tumbler cups is also currently high, making it a viable business. 

Such a business lets you let out your artistic skills to take you outside the matrix. As doing the same thing can be tedious, coming up with new ideas will make the work fun and something you always look up to.


There’s no better time to venture into the customized tumbler cups business. The market is ripe and promising. So, you can place your business ahead of the game with unique prints and designs.

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