How Noise Cancelling Headphones Improve Productivity and Focus

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Improve Productivity and Focus

Noise-cancelling headphones are unique types of headsets that employ active noise control (ANC) to minimise or eliminate unwanted ambient sounds. It was first created for the needs of aeroplane pilots who aimed at better comfort on long flights, and initial consumer models were also designed to meet the requirements of travellers.

So, How Does it Work?

The idea behind ANC is relatively basic regarding how it works to cancel out all sounds from the surrounding environment; essentially, this technology makes use of microphones that capture the sounds from its surroundings and create sound waves exactly out of phase with them, resulting in silence.

These characteristics can make it easier and more pleasant to listen to audio content without increasing the volume beyond reasonable levels.

Is ANC a Single Solution?

The answer is NO. There are various types of ANC technology used in headphones, including:

  • Feedforward
  • Feedback
  • Hybrid
  • And adaptive ANC…

They include:

  • The Position and Number of Microphones
  • The Revolution Speed
  • And Noise Cancellation Clarity and Accuracy…

The comparison findings are associated with microphone placement style in a device.

How many numbers are available when working towards detecting the frequency at which sounds are produced is impacted by hypothesis testing, which stands for Hz bass audition output quality.

Who are the Big Manufacturers in the Market?

Featuring in the list of big-name manufacturers’ noise-cancelling headphones include:

  • Bose
  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Sennheiser
  • Audio-Technica
  • JBL
  • Beats
  • Anker and others…

They have different models, with various features and prices to address diverse requirements as well as preferences.

What are the benefits of having noise-cancelling headphones?

  • They will keep you safe by preventing high music volumes that harm your ears.
  • Improve your productivity and concentration as long as they cut off irritating noises, allowing you to work or learn in a silent place.
  • They’ll improve your audio quality and experience significantly since they eliminate noise interferences as they deliver clear, balanced sound.
  • The images help to lower your stress and weariness by portraying a soothing ambience while paying costly attention to the aspects of mind and body.

A Closer Look at the Market and Where Everything Stands


Mordor Intelligence notes that Bose Corporation was the top-producing noise-cancelling headphones manufacturer in 2023, controlling a global revenue share of 23%.

Sony Corporation came second with 18%, and Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. had increased to 12%. In comparison, Apple Inc. got a market share of about half that of Sony Corp at around 9%, with Samsung (Harman Kardon) accounting for 8%.


Sony Corporation led the market in wireless noise-cancelling headphones with a worldwide revenue share of 28%, as verified by Allied Market Research in 2023. Bose Corporation came second at 25%, Apple Inc. at 15%, followed by Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co . KG at 10% and Samsung (Harman Kardon) at 7%.

Predictions for the Rest of the 2020s

Arizton’s report indicated that Bose Corporation’s active noise cancelling headphones were expected to dominate the market through to 2030 with an approximate global revenue share of 24%. Sony Corporation would still be hot on its tails now that they are diversifying and would grab at least 20% of the projected market share.

The Benefits of Noise-cancelling Headphones

  • They can also be used as an avenue to save your hearing since they prevent you from listening to music at loud volumes that adversely affect the ears.
  • They are able to enhance productivity and concentration by inhibiting any noises that create a distraction, thus making you concentrate on your work or study in peace.
  • With these, you can improve your audio quality and have a great experience by completely eliminating noise interference to ensure that every sound produced is clear, balanced and very audible.
  • They can help to reduce stress and fatigue by providing a calming and comfortable environment for your mind and body.

Features, Tech and Spec You Can Expect

Here’s a list of what you’d likely expect to find with the top manufacturers:

  • SARANAC technology (since it is based on an adaptive nature of control)
  • Frequency ranges between 700 Hz and 1 kHz shall be created to ensure good sound quality.
  • Long Battery life with a short charging time
  • Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC, etc.)
  • Support on multiple devices and different platforms
  • Comfort and Fit (Ear Cups, Headband, Weight etc.)
  • Extra features (a voice assistant, the ability to adjust the level of noise cancelling, an ambient sound mode, an equaliser, etc.)

Not everyone will need all these features which is where budget comes into play, and there are plenty of options out there. Where if you don’t want to go over the top with the price you’ve got other options.


Sony dominates wireless noise cancelling headphones, while for active noise cancelling headphones, it is Bose. The advantages are related to the protection of hearing, increased productivity and ability to concentrate on a task. Better audio quality output by getting rid of environmental sounds that compete with the wearer’s music or other media playing through earphones. Lastly, reducing fatigue levels among individuals at risk for cardiovascular events due to chronic stress. When choosing anti-noise headphones, it is necessary to consider such features as the type of ANС technology, availability and location of microphones, range and sound quality, battery life time and charging rate, wireless connection possibility. Compatibility with devices from different platforms or operating systems; simple in use, their combo environment control buttons on them.

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