Exploring Type Foundry: Spotlight On Recent Releases

Type foundry can provide countless designs catering to the industry’s specific needs. The prestigious discipline of a type foundry is at the forefront of this art. From packaging designs to book graphics, the type foundry’s significance is peerless, presenting unlimited possibilities for designers around the globe. One of the giants in this arena, TypeType, has consistently delivered unique and striking fonts, adding dimensions to the field. Two of their latest releases, TT Ricks and TT Carvist, are setting new benchmarks with their innovative approach.

Type foundry new releases

When it comes to a type foundry’s heart and soul, the only constant is change. In their unique ways, TT Ricks and TT Carvist are the optimal conduits of this change, powering the future of design, one font at a time.

TT Ricks – Commanding Attention in Bold Characters

TT Ricks, one of the recent releases from TypeType foundry, is designed to govern the spotlight. It shines brightest in medium and large point sizes, seizing maximum attention. Its structure and design set it apart, making it highly qualified for designs where text needs to claim dominance.

Perfect for poster design and book graphics

TT Ricks abounds with individuality, bestowing its users the power to create captivating works. Given its striking features, TT Ricks is ideally suited for packaging or poster design and book graphics. In the design arena, where the competition is fierce, TT Ricks walks tall with its imposing characteristics that can instantly turn heads.

TT Ricks is a breath of fresh air in a world that is forever evolving. Its capacity for garnering attention gives designers a unique opportunity to communicate messages powerfully. Creatives looking for a new twist in their design arsenal will find TT Ricks a bright star, apt for crafting compelling narratives in visual design.

The TT Carvist – Peculiar yet Playful

In stark contrast to the commanding TT Ricks, meet another release from TypeType foundry, TT Carvist. With its eccentric, playful, and brave characteristics, TT Carvist brings a spark of genius to designs. Its ability to grab attention is unsurpassed, making it a perfect addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Peculiar and playful

TT Carvist is contrarily peculiar and playful. It’s a new display typeface that dares to be different in a daringly delightful way. This font is not afraid to challenge the status quo, making each design distinctive and eye-catching. It is the ideal font for those adventurous designers who love adding a touch of whimsy to their projects.

While some may call TT Carvist audacious, this courage allows the designs to push boundaries and challenge the usual. The font’s original qualities encourage innovation, and its users will surely seize the chance to produce remarkable designs.


We hope we guided you well on the type foundry new releases. The stellar releases we mentioned above highlight the future of type foundry. Their powerful, distinct, and fearless designs pave the way for a wave of innovative typography. These new introductions by TypeType foundry supplement the need for creativity and stand testimony to the ever-evolving and pioneering spirit of the typography industry. In a fiercely competitive market, it’s about standing out, and these latest offerings from TypeType foundry give designers newfound paths to creativity.

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