Enhance Your Learning with Eight Proven Study Methods

Are you a student who wants to be the top student in your class? Do you reach out to the online class help websites with queries like, Can I pay someone to do my online class with the hope of improving your academic scores? Well, high marks are the dream of almost every other student out there. Everyone wants to score full marks in the academic course and receive appreciation from their teachers. However, only a few of them succeed in understanding their course materials fully and earning full marks in their assignments and exams.

Whether you are in high school or at university, I am sure that you have heard of the various study tips. You might be aware of the different tips, like taking breaks and staying organized while studying, to achieve success. But have you ever heard of the scientifically proven study methods to study better? Most of the teachers do not share these study techniques with students, and this is the reason why pupils struggle with learning. However, no worries with this article; we are sharing these study methods to help you enhance your learning and have a better learning experience.

Interval studying method: It is common for students to procrastinate and try to cover the entire course syllabus in a week or day. But let me tell you, it is not at all possible and will have many side effects, including frustration, headaches, and depression. It is a fact that it is impossible to learn multiple of your concepts immediately. The best way to cover all of your syllabus is to divide things up into manageable chunks. Do not forget to take a break between your studies. Regular intervals will gear up your mind and help you understand your concepts better. Once you get familiar with your topic, you can remember things for a longer time.

Feynman technique: Do you often think of seeking onlineassignment help in Canada to submit high-quality assignments by the deadline? Seeking professional help is trending among students as it helps them reduce academic pressure and understand their concepts better. Do you know that there is another trending learning method called the Feynman technique? This is a four-step learning method that is used to understand complex terms. The four steps in this study: clarify, fill the gaps, and simplify. You may use this technique to clarify things and reinforce concepts for a longer time.

SQ3R technique: It is a five-step reading comprehension method. Survey, question, read, recite, and review are the five different steps in these learning methods. Using this method, one can understand and learn any subject, topic, or course they want without stressing on anything. The main advantage of using this scientific method while learning is to identify the key points and retain the important facts. To explain more about this technique, we could say that it makes the reader question and derive their curiosity.

Spaced Practice: This learning method is more or less similar to the interval learning method. Here too, you will be required to divide your study tasks into smaller parts and make an effort to complete them all. The major difference here is that you have the benefit of completing your topic over a long period. Suppose you want to complete a topic in biology known as the molecular basis of inheritance. It is detailed and not a topic that you cannot complete in a single day. So you can plan to complete it in a week or 10 days. Giving the required time to learn each topic will assist in remembering information better and retaining it for a longer time.

Leitner system: This is a learning technique introduced by Sebastian Leitner (a German science journalist). It is a learning technique using flashcards. Here, correctly answered cards are advanced to the next, less frequent box. This is based on the spaced repetition technique, where you will register the material, which helps you memorize better.

Zeigarnik effect: It is a study method related to psychological phenomena. This learning effect method refers to the fact that students who engage themselves in other activities rather than continuous studying are likely to perform better. As compared to other students who engage in study sessions without breaks, this technique is a proven one. The Zeigarnik effect draws curiosity into students’ minds and helps them recall the learned concepts for a longer time.

Pomodoro technique: This study technique is the one that is preferred by most of the students out there. This technique refers to the fact that you should study at the time you get there rather than taking extra time out of a busy schedule to start studying. Furthermore, this technique is bound by time management. It refers to taking a 5-minute break between studying for 25 minutes. The longer break in this study technique is 15 to 30 minutes. If you are studying for more than one hour, you might implement this study technique. Are you wondering what Pomodoro refers to here? It means intervals between studies.

Active recall: Active recall is not a study method. However, this is a test that will prove advantageous to students in learning. It will help them in retrieving information and can prove helpful in a mock examination.

The above are some of the scientifically proven study methods. If you see, you may find that each of these methods has more or less the same advantages. The main motive behind this is that it will assist you in understanding concepts and memorizing things for a longer time. As a student, it is possible that you might not be using all these methods while studying. But now that you are aware of these study methods, you should make an effort to implement them all in your study routine as per your interests. In addition to this technique, follow other study methods according to your needs to achieve academic success in your online classes.

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