EA SPORTS FC 24: Web App and Companion App NEWS


Despite the separation from FIFA, EA Sports – which in September will be released with its new FIFA series post title, EA FC 24 – has kept the most popular modes by millions of gamers around the world: the Career, the Pro Club, and of course, the Ultimate Team.

It will no longer be FUT, as the F stood for FIFA, but it will still be Ultimate Team, and the modality will be the same, with many upgrades and new interesting features, of course.

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EA Sports FC 24 Web App+ Companion App Release Date and Weight

The Web App of EA Sports FC 24 will be available from September 20th, while it seems like the Companion App will be released the next day, on the 21st of September.

The difference between the two is that you can use the Web App from any browser as long as you go to EA’s web app site. On the other hand, to use the Companion App you have to download it on your smartphone.

How to get the Ultimate Team App

If we’re talking about the Web App, you just have to connect to the dedicated website provided by EA, so you can start discovering the new EA FC 24.

If we’re talking about the Companion App, you just need to access the Play Store on Android or Apple Store for iPhone, downloading the application to manage the Ultimate Team from your mobile phone. You will have to log in with your EA details to be able to start trading, buying packs, etc.

How much does the EA SPORTS FC 24 Companion App Weigh?

Although there aren’t any leaks on its weight, we expect it to be around 100MB, as FIFA 23’s companion app weighs pretty much the same.

What is the Web/Companion App for?

The Web and Companion app is used to manage your EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team even when you’re not connected to the Sony, Microsoft, or PC. In detail, with these apps, you can:

  • Access to the transfer market and trade to earn some coins
  • Open packs, especially the free ones, as EA wants to reward your loyalty at the beginning of every season, so they assign you some free packs if you played the game before the one just released.
  • Check the objectives and the milestones
  • Complete some Squad Building Challenges to improve your team
  • Start building a team that you can use when the game is released
  • Choose which tactics and formations you will want to use when the game is out.


As the release of EA SPORTS FC 24 drew closer, football gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaited the arrival of the Web App and Companion App. On September 20th, the Web App became available, providing players with the ability to manage their Ultimate Team from any browser by accessing EA’s dedicated website. The following day, on September 21st, the Companion App was released, allowing players to download the application on their smartphones and take their Ultimate Team experience on the go. By logging in with their EA details, players could engage in trading and buying packs. To learn more about FC 24 news and offers, read on U7BUY.

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