Deck Building Codes and Permits in Glen Burnie, MD


If you’re considering building a new deck or remodeling an existing one at your Glen Burnie home, it’s important to understand the codes and permit requirements to ensure your project goes smoothly. The town and county have regulations in place for safe deck construction, and getting the proper permits is crucial. In this blog post we’ll break down key elements of the deck building codes and permits process specific to the Glen Burnie area.

Planning Your Deck Project

There are a few things to consider when first planning your deck addition or renovation in Glen Burnie and the surrounding Anne Arundel County area:

  • Intended use – Will it be for entertaining, extra outdoor living space, access to another part of the home? Determining the purpose will help shape decisions.
  • Location – Consider how the deck attaches to your home, sun exposure, views, and accessing utilities.
  • Materials – What you build the deck frame, surface, railings and stairs out of matters in terms of cost, durability and maintenance.
  • Size and height – Local building codes determine the requirements based on square footage and height off the ground.

Getting familiar with the codes and permits for your particular deck early on will ensure your vision aligns with regulations.

Glen Burnie Deck Codes and Regulations

It’s essential to have a firm handle on the applicable codes where you’ll be building your dream deck in the Glen Burnie area. The Deck Builder Glen Burnie MD professionals employ allow them build safe, compliant structures tailored to your home and lifestyle. Here are some key standards that deck builders adhere to:

Deck Builder Glen Burnie MD

  1. Wind and snow load requirements – Glen Burnie is in Wind Zone II, which sets specific standards designed to withstand 90 mph winds. The codes also address weight loads related to moderate snowfall.
  2. Materials standards – From the lumber grades for framing to metal fasteners and hardware, many specs need to be met that are designed to last. Composite decking also has codes relating to structural integrity and durability.
  3. Electrical wiring – Low voltage landscape lighting under a deck requires GFCIs and proper wiring gauges, depths and materials to avoid hazards.
  4. Height and foundation specs – Deck support posts, piers and contact with the ground have dimensional guidelines laid out in the codes.

Your contractor handles integrating the various codes, but you’ll want to ensure the plans align with them before starting your project.

Securing Glen Burnie Deck Permits

Equally as crucial as adhering to the deck construction code is obtaining the required permits for your Glen Burnie or Anne Arundel County area deck or porch project at the planning stage:

  1. County building permits – Decks attached to homes that are either 200 square feet or 30 inches above grade require an Anne Arundel County building permit before construction. For elevated decks over 200 square feet, advanced plans showing details on structural support, stairs, rails and electrical are needed. The permit applications detailing specifications must be approved before building commences.
  2. Zoning permits – For detached ground level decks like stand-alone gazebos, you need to obtain a county zoning permit demonstrating that property line setbacks and drainage standards are met. Elevated detached decks may require a building permit.
  3. Historic district approvals – Glen Burnie homes in designated historic districts need Certificate of Approval permits from a historic preservation commission ensuring the deck design matches the home style and does not detract from historic character.

Homeowners’ Association approval – If you belong to a local HOA, you’ll want to get their green light on plans in terms of appearance, materials and size restrictions before altering your property.

Professional Deck Builder Glen Burnie MD Near Me Serving Anne Arundel County handle all technical drawings, calculations and permit applications as part of the service. But checking that the scope aligns with your home’s requirements protects from hassles down the line.

Partnering with a Deck Professional

By teaming up with a qualified local deck construction company, you can rest assured your vision meets the specific building codes and permit stipulations in Glen Burnie and Anne Arundel County. Top deck builders serving the region have vast experience with county requirements that ensures smooth handling of regulations.

For example, Deck Builder Glen Burnie MD firms like Maryland Decking humbly provide custom deck building and restoration services in the area for over 15 years. Their expertise in materials options, design, and permit processes tailored to the neighborhood allows bringing plans to life properly. Established deck builders guide you through code and permit complexities so projects finish safely, on time and on budget.

Investing in a new deck or upgrading an existing one not only boosts your home’s beauty and usable space when done right. It can also enhance enjoyment of your property and even increase resale value. But adhering to Maryland’s deck construction standards through proper permitting gives true peace of mind that your family and friends can reliably use and appreciate it for years to come.

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