Asics – More Than Just a Running Shoe

Asics – More Than Just a Running Shoe

What makes a sneaker more than just a good sneaker? For a long time, Asics sneakers have been the choice of runners and whilst that remains true, they are also a shoe that can add a lot of style to your wardrobe as well as comfort.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of sneakers and discovered why Asics should feature in your collection:

A Sound Mind, In A Sound Body

The marketplace for sneakers is filled with hundreds of brands all competing for your attention and a place firmly on your feet, so what sets one sneaker apart from another? Sometimes it comes down to what you want them for, sometimes it comes down to comfort, style or a fashion statement, and sometimes it is a combination of these. Asics is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which translates to “a sound mind, in a sound body”, demonstrating the close links between physical exercise, mental equilibrium and the ability to enjoy life – available from the best retailers, Asics sneakers can certainly deliver!

Feature Rich Sneakers with Style

Asics sneakers are built with sturdy construction and many runners report getting hundreds of miles from a single pair. Said to be “biometrically superior” to most sneakers due to their structured saddle, synthetic upper and cushioned collar. They provide more cushion than many other brands, making them ideal for people who prefer a bit more support, stability and cushioning, and an important factor to consider for those who are injury-prone. It is the features of the shoe that make them beneficial to your feet and when you add in the style content you have a sneaker which is truly a winner.

Where to Pick Up Your Asics Sneakers

When you are searching for the best place to buy your Asics sneakers, look for a retailer who is more than just a box shifter. Preferably one with physical stores where you have the opportunity to see, touch and feel before you buy, as well a feature-rich and easy-to-use online platform. Where you can browse a wide range of sneakers with in-depth information provided on every pair. So you can still get a true feel for the shoe without actually holding it. The best retailers will reward their loyal followers with a membership programme offering points with every purchase in return for future discounts.

More Than Just Sneakers – Completing Your Look

Whilst you are buying your new sneakers, you might want to add some stylish new clothing or other apparel to go with them. And a retailer of well-respected brands will offer you more than just shoes. The best retailers will stock a wide variety of other branded products such as clothing, hats, bags, and other accessories allowing you to complete your look in one convenient shop.

So, whether you’re looking for your next pair of running shoes or simply want the best, stylish pair of sneakers on the market, look for a retailer who can offer you a good range of branded products at affordable prices. Backed up by positive online reviews and testimonials from existing customers.

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