7 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Modern Makeover

7 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Modern Makeover

A bathroom is one of the most crucial components of a house. It is essential not only to the look and aesthetic of the house but also to the health and well-being of your family. But when is it time to give it a makeover? Can you switch the items yourself, or must you hire a shower replacement contractor? Continue reading to find the answers to all your questions.

What Are The Signs of an Outdated Bathroom?

Many issues can arise within a bathroom, especially when it’s been a while since it’s had a checkup. Problems like outdated fixtures, poor functionality, lack of storage, mold, and mildew are some of the most common issues.

According to a 2022 report by the Housing Industry Association (HIA), 70% of bathroom renovations were done on bathrooms between 11 and 20 years old. So, if your bathroom has gone longer than a decade without a makeover, it’s time to consider one.

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean demolishing everything and starting over. Sometimes, just replacing your non-functional shower or switching the cabinets can give your bathroom a new look, feel, and practicality. Here are seven signs your bathroom needs a makeover and a shower replacement contractor is due.

1. You Don’t Like the Overall Style

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. If you’re not content with how your bathroom looks, that’s enough reason to give it a makeover. Home interior trends change, as do personal preferences.

A bathroom you used to love a few years ago can easily be one of your least favorite places in your house today. If this is the case, you should focus mainly on colors and aesthetics, especially if you have a massively outdated bathroom.

Consider using warm earth tones for the walls and flooring when designing your new space. Organic elements such as river rock, cedar, and bamboo are the most affordable and functional to use in the makeover.

2. You Have Plumbing Issues

The thing about plumbing issues is they get progressively worse over time. One day, you may notice a small leak in your tap. A few weeks later, your whole bathroom is covered in water leaks, and your floor is rotting.

This is why you have to be especially vigilant when it comes to your plumbing system. The second you notice the smallest leak or odor, contact a plumber and get the issues fixed.

3. You Have Limited Storage Space

If you’ve felt cramped in your bathroom and run out of space to store essentials, it might be time to expand your bathroom space. Luckily, this can be achieved in various ways.

You can borrow square footage from another space, rearrange your bathroom to create a more functional layout, or add extra cabinets to your walls.  

4. You Have Functionality Problems

Above everything else, a bathroom should give you the services that a bathroom is supposed to provide you with. Taking a shower or a bath, brushing your teeth, and taking care of your natural bodily functions is what a bathroom is primarily made for.

If you’re experiencing functionality concerns, for example, if your shower is outdated, damaged, or moldy, it’s time. Remember that your shower should be long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and simple to maintain. And the only way to ensure this is by hiring a professional shower replacement contractor.

As long as you have a budget and know what you’re after, you can quickly find a good shower replacement contractor. Ideally, they will transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation, so it’s definitely worth the work.

4. Your Bathroom Is Not Safe

According to a study by Intrepid USA, safety concerns are among the most common reasons people ask for bathroom makeovers.

Most accidents at home occur in the bathroom, especially if you have young children or older adults around. However, simple solutions can make the difference between a safe bathroom and an emergency room visit. 

These typically include anti-slip flooring, grab bars, handheld showerheads, walk-in tubs, chair-height toilets, and shower screens.

5. You Have Mold and Mildew

In a bathroom that is not well-ventilated, water leaks can cause mold to grow and tiles to rot, both on the walls and on the floor. Often, the mold and mildew continue to build up over the years because they’re not easy to spot.

Their presence usually causes various symptoms in homeowners, even if only exposed briefly. For people with respiratory problems or who are allergic to mold, exposure can cause severe complications.

Depending on the intensity of growth, you may be forced to renovate your entire bathroom to remove mold.

6. Your Bills Are Hard to Keep Up With

With the overall cost of living exponentially increasing and countries attempting to become more environmentally friendly, energy efficiency can be an excellent reason for a bathroom makeover.

According to a water-spending average, a 30-year-old toilet uses 3.5 to 6 gallons per flush, while newer toilets use just 1.28 gallons. That’s 173-368% less water. So, remodeling your bathroom saves you money on water, heating, and energy bills.

Lighting and toilet upgrades make utility costs cheaper, and products such as water-saving fixtures, low-flow toilet suites, and high-efficiency shower heads can save even more money over time.


Your reason for a shower makeover may be safety, functionality, preference, or a combination of all. Whichever the case, it’s important to know that this makeover will upgrade the quality and attractiveness of your entire house.

Even the most drastic renovation will eventually be worth its cost. Just remember, these things need to be professionally looked after. So, always hire a professional plumber or a good shower replacement contractor to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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