5 Smart Ways To Earn Money Online

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Not sure where to look to earn money online? No worries, this post has got you, and you aren’t alone. Insuranks estimates that nine out of ten US workers earn extra money from side jobs. It has never been easier, thanks to the increasing digitization of our world. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated eCommerce growth. Online purchases and sales have also increased.

Making money online offers many options and benefits. A low startup cost and flexible schedule allow people to work virtually anywhere. You can earn money online in many ways, some of which require only a solid internet connection and a computer. But what are the best options to make the best of your time and effort? This article will teach you the best five ways to earn money online. Let’s get started!

Selling Fine Art Photography

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Isn’t it nice to ‌make money doing what you love — even if it is only enough to cover your hobby’s cost? Photography is a great way to do so. For example, you could work as a wedding, real estate, or stock photographer. 

In terms of competition and difficulty, fine art photography is arguably the most competitive and challenging field but rewarding too. So, how can you become competitive and make money out of it? 

Here’s how to get started selling fine art photographs:

  • Get a Fan Base: Most people will not buy a photo from strangers. Creating a fan base is the best way to sell your photos as art. Facebook is a great place to share pictures.
  • Quality is Key: If your sunset photographs resemble those your child took on the last family vacation, you are not likely to sell anything.
  • Uniqueness Sells: If you can develop your style to be unique, your chances of setting yourself apart and selling prints to your fan base and beyond are more likely.

Here’s how you’ll sell your fine art photographs online:

With online sales, consider SmugMug and Zenfolio. You can also use sites like Etsy, Fine Art America, and Redbubble. However, they offer fewer features and charge a higher percentage of your sales. Besides hosting your photographs and offering shopping cart options, you can print and ship your photos to your clients. However, these sites won’t promote them for you, so having a fan base to sell to is crucial.

Selling Second-Hand Items

A great way to make money while decluttering your space is to sell or rent second-hand items. Ensure you take high-quality photos of your goods before listing them on online marketplaces. Create your website if you intend to do this long-term.

Clothing is a popular category for second-hand items. Based on projections, by 2026, the second-hand clothing market will reach $77 billion. Now is the time to start your clothing line. Several online marketplaces offer second-hand clothing and accessories, including:

  • Tradesy 
  • Etsy 
  • Rebelle 
  • Depop

You can also earn money by selling other items besides clothes and accessories, such as used furniture, gadgets, sports equipment, and cars.

Being an Influencer

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You can also make decent money online by building a personal brand as an influencer. Researchers estimate this industry to reach $143.1 billion by 2030. There are more influencers today than a few years ago, even if it seems like reality stars, singers, and athletes are the biggest.

A healthy following is essential to becoming an influencer. TikTok and Instagram are excellent social media platforms to consider. These platforms have often provided non-celebrity influencers with their first taste of exposure. Getting more followers may be helpful for those interested in building a big Instagram following. If you’re passionate about health and wellness, consider incorporating content related to natural products. For instance, you could share insights about herbal remedies, and if you’re based in Canada, you might explore the benefits of products from a reputable kratom Canada store to resonate with your audience seeking holistic alternatives.

An influencer can earn money from sponsored posts, a store, and online products, affiliate links in their bios, photos, making and selling merch, appearing at events, and so on.

Testing Websites and Give Feedback

A website tester is someone with an in-depth understanding of the design and development of websites. A website development business is an excellent way to make money quickly and learn about the industry.

To be a successful tester, you need critical thinking skills, excellent communication abilities, and a thorough understanding of website functionality and design. You can enhance your job prospects by possessing these skills.

Rates and payment methods differ based on test methods and the platform’s policy. UserTesting, for instance, offers tests for $4-$120. But web testers conducting live chat sessions with clients earn more. Other online marketplaces to make money by testing websites include:

  • Ubertesters
  • Userbrain
  • Userlytics
  • TryMyUI

Become a Virtual Assistant

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The demand for virtual assistants rises daily as more entrepreneurs start businesses. Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work remotely for companies. As a virtual assistant, you could provide writing, social media, bookkeeping, and customer service. 

Sites like Indeed or Upwork can help you find relevant gigs. Some virtual assistants have also made money online by notifying brands and entrepreneurs that they can assist with running their businesses. With the right combination of job postings and outreach, you will land your first client sooner than you think.


Online income can help you make it through these uncertain times, but it can also help you leave your 9-to-5 job and become an entrepreneur full-time. You gain greater financial security and freedom by building an online business and increasing your financial freedom.

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