5 Types Of Best Winter Jackets For Men You Should Try This Winter

5 Types Of Best Winter Jackets For Men You Should Try This Winter

How can you find yourself the best winter jacket for men this winter? What’s the first thing you notice when you meet or see someone? The Outfit they are wearing right! be it in winter or summer. There is a solution for your winter outfits that is going to help you have a unique and stylish look every day. Men have a huge range of collections in different types of sweaters, sweatshirts, many different types of jackets, and many more to choose from for winter wear.
In this article, we will discover some of the men’s winter jacket types that have to definitely be there in your winter wardrobe. You will be able to style them multiple for any type of occasion or any kind of purpose. C

Men’s Winter Jacket Collection You Must Try

Puffer jacket:

Men’s puffer jackets are trending now but did you know it has a history? Dating back to 1922, George Finch, an Australian chemist, and mountaineer, is credited as the first person to wear a puffer jacket, known at the time as a “down jacket”.
In 1936, Eddie Bauer manufactured and sold a puffer jacket. The names of puffer jackets have changed many times since then, but even today puffer jackets always remain in trend due to their protection feature.

At Bukkum, you can have protection with the touch of fashion in the collection of men’s puffer jackets in a range of many different hues and patterns.

Varsity Jacket:

You’ll find the origins of the varsity jacket first dating back to 1865 at Harvard University. For the first time, a garment called the letterman jersey was worn by the Harvard University baseball team, which features an insignia representing a certain team that makes the group distinct from other teams.
This jacket will help you to get a sporty and cool look in winter. You can make unlimited layering options with it for casual to formal wear.

Trench Coat:

The story of the trench coat can be traced back to 1914, nearly 100 years before the First World War began. As early as 1823, rubberized cotton fabric has been used to make weather-resistant outer clothing for both civilian and military use.
You can variously style thyme for an outing.

Leather jacket:

Leather Jackets can be considered the most classy winter wear for men. It is the perfect blend of protection and fashion. Leather jackets have been creating history now for more than 100 years. It has been Spanning almost a century by getting into regulation along with culture.
Leather jackets have a huge collection in the range of many different fabrics, countless color options, and unlimited patterns.

Denim Jacket:

There are many types of men’s jackets available in the market for a long time, but in terms of fashion, no one can beat the denim jacket.
If you haven’t invested in purchasing a denim jacket, you should have at least one in your wardrobe jacket collection. It is also suitable for January to December.


Invest wisely when you want to have winter jackets for men. Choose a men’s jacket that can be used for multiple purposes yet gives you a new look every time you wear it. At Bukkum we are welcoming you to explore our men’s jacket collection for winter to have a new and unique look every time.

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