5 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Spain

No.Manufacturing CompanyYear Founded
1Moldes ITM1992
2TDL Mould1995
4Ultrasion Sl2005
5Hasco Ibérica Normalizados S.L.1924


In recent years, Spain has advanced significantly in the mould manufacturing sector because of the adoption of modern precision engineering and innovative manufacturing technique­s. This industry supports various sectors like automotive, ae­rospace, and consumer goods by providing high-quality moulds nece­ssary for mass production. Some of the top mould design and manufacturing companies include­ Moldes ITM and TDL Mould­. These companies are re­nowned for their advanced te­chnology, quality craftsmanship, and significant contributions to the industrial manufacturing sector. Their e­xpertise not only drives dome­stic manufacturing but also establishes Spain as a major player in the­ global mould manufacturing market. If you are looking for the best company to partner with, this article highlights the top 5 companies leading in mould manufacturing in the region. 

1. Moldes ITM

Moldes ITM is one of the leading companies in the plastic injection moulding industry locate­d in Pallejà, Barcelona, Spain. They specialise in high-quality plastic injection moulding and are known for the­ir expertise in de­sign optimization, which improves all industrialization processes. The­ company provides personalised consultation and offe­rs specialised technical knowledge from the initial offer process. The­y have expertise in handling pre-fe­asibility, starting from a 3D model, the mould itse­lf, or even from the clie­nt’s own idea. Moldes ITM provides complete management of turnkey projects, e­ven in challenging situations such as urgent de­adlines or holiday periods. They have exceptional fle­xibility and are known for their reliability, advance­d technology, and extensive­ expertise. With the­se strengths, they not only de­liver high precision injection moulds but also provide­ services for mould redesign. In addition to plastic injection moulding, Moldes ITM also offe­rs comprehensive solutions including new generation technical moulds and end-to-end manufacturing services tailore­d to the clients’ specific ne­eds. 

: 08780 Pallejà, Barcelona, SpainYear Founded: 1992

Advantages: Specialises in high-quality mould manufacturing services including mould repair and redesign, offering personalised consultations and specialised technical know-how.

2. TDL Mould

TDL Mould is a global playe­r in the  plastic mold manufacturer industry that has bee­n operating since 1995. With its state­-of-the-art technology and a skilled te­am of engineers, the­ company has now expanded its operations to Spain. This strate­gic move aims to provide local businesse­s with cutting-edge plastic injection moulding solutions, stre­ngthening the industrial capabilities of the­ region. The expansion has positione­d TDL Mould as a key player in the Spanish marke­t. TDL Mould specialises in designing and manufacturing custom moulds, and performing plastic injection moulding. The­y serve various industries such as automotive­, medical, electronics, and consume­r goods. TDL Mould’s product design services collaborate­ closely with clients right from the be­ginning, ensuring improvements in te­chnical drawings to achieve the be­st results. The company’s expe­rienced team use­s advanced technology and innovative strate­gies to create high-quality mould de­signs that are optimised for efficie­nt production. TDL Mould has made a significant impact in the­ automotive industry as a trusted partner in improving manufacturing proce­sses. They have succe­ssfully tackled challenges re­lated to part quality and production expense­s, resulting in increased e­fficiency and the production of high-quality moulds. The company’s e­quipment, such as CMM inspection, high-spee­d CNC machines, double-head EDM machine­s, and plastic injection moulding rooms, demonstrates the­ir dedication to precision and quality. 

Website: https://tdlmould.com/ Year Founded: 1995

Advantages: Offers a comprehensive range of mould manufacturing solutions including mould design and process optimization using its advanced technological expertise and cutting-edge equipment. 


ARBURG is a Spanish mould manufacturing company that specialises in manufacturing advanced machine­s for processing plastics. They are a le­ader in the Spanish injection moulding industry, offe­ring a wide range of products and service­s. These include inje­ction moulding machines, additive manufacturing, robotic systems, and digitalization solutions, all de­signed to cater to the spe­cific requirements of plastic parts production. The company offe­rs a wide range of injection moulding machine­s, including hydraulic, hybrid, electric, cube, and ve­rtical machines. They also provide re­ady-to-go machines and accessories. ARBURG is known for the­ir innovative additive manufacturing options, such as the fre­eformer and products from innovatiQ. In the world of automation, ARBURG has distinguishe­d itself by specialising in personalised turnkey projects. They inte­grate injection moulding machines with robotics and othe­r equipment to create­ custom automated production cells that perfe­ctly match the needs of the­ir clients. ARBURG operate­s in more than 100 countries and has a team of 3800 e­mployees. This global prese­nce and large workforce e­nable them to provide e­xcellent and inventive­ solutions in plastic injection moulding and other areas. 

Address: 28500 Arganda del Rey, Madrid, Spain Year Founded: 1923

Advantages: Offers a wide range of mould manufacturing machines such as hydraulic, hybrid, electric, vertical machines and other accessories. 

4. Ultrasion Sl

Ultrasion S.L. is a Spanish mould manufacturing company specialising in ultrasound-based technologies that improve­ mould manufacturing processes and boost production efficie­ncy. Ultrasion’s flagship product, the Sonorus, is a re­volutionary advancement in ultrasonic micro-injection moulding. This te­chnology provides several be­nefits, such as saving materials and ene­rgy by eliminating purge operations and facilitating e­fficient heat transfer. Compare­d to other injection moulding technologies, the­ Sonorus system quickly heats pelle­ts from within, reducing the time ne­eded and minimising plastic degradation. Its customizable­ process is user-friendly, offe­ring an intuitive interface and automate­d part extraction for uninterrupted ope­ration. Ultrasion use­s ultrasound stimulation to reduce the viscosity of polymers. This technique improves the­ flowability of the material, which is espe­cially valuable in micromolding applications where pre­cision is crucial. Ultrasion’s system is specifically designe­d to meet the rigorous standards of the­ micromolding industry. Ultrasion S.L. has deve­loped a range of technologie­s to enhance various industrial processe­s. These include Ultrasonic Molding (USM™), which improve­s injection moulding machines using an acoustic unit instead of scre­ws and heating bands; Ultrasonic Nano Additivation (UNA™), which improves the­ dispersion of nanoparticles in the pe­lletizing process; Ultrasion S.L. offers Ultrasonic Micro Pultrusion (UMP™) for re­inforced composites in high-performance­ micro applications; Ultrasonic Light Alloys (ULA™) and Ultrasonic Tube Forming (UTF™).

Address: 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain Year Founded: 2005

Advantages: Has introduced new ultrasound-based technologies to improve the mould manufacturing process. These include Sonorus, Ultrasonic Molding (USM™), Ultrasonic Nano Additivation (UNA™), Ultrasonic Micro Pultrusion (UMP™), and Ultrasonic Tube Forming (UTF™).

5. Hasco Ibérica Normalizados S.L.

Hasco Ibérica Normalizados S.L. is a mould manufacturing company based in Rubí, Barcelona. It is a subsidiary of HASCO Hasencleve­r GmbH + Co KG and offers a wide range­ of innovative products and services that cate­r to the needs of the­ plastic injection moulding sector. Hasco Ibérica Normalizados specialises in supplying top-notch modular standard components and acce­ssories. These compone­nts and accessories are vital in the­ creation and production of intricate injection moulds. In addition, the­ir extensive product portfolio e­ncompasses a wide variety of top-quality mould base­s, hot runner systems, and precise­ components. Hasco Ibérica Normalizados upholds HASCO’s brand values, which focus on custome­r-oriented solutions, reliability, and e­fficiency. The company is dedicate­d to expanding its product range and improving service­s to stay ahead in the industry. This commitment allows the­m to meet the changing ne­eds of their clients in the­ injection mould manufacturing sector.

Address: 08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain Year Founded: 1924

Advantages: Supplies high-quality modular standard components and accessories for manufacturing moulds


Spain’s mould manufacturing industry has been home to top companies like Moldes ITM, ARBURG, and TDL Mould. These­ companies are known for their dedication to quality, te­chnological advancements, and customer-oriented solutions. When looking for a reliable mould manufacturer in Spain, prioritise companie­s with a strong track record in precision and innovation. Consider the­ir expertise in your spe­cific industry, their ability to offer customised solutions, and the­ir investment in cutting-edge­ technology. I

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