2023’s Top Fixed Deposit Rates in India: Where to Park Your Savings for the Best Returns

2023's Top Fixed Deposit Rates in India: Where to Park Your Savings for the Best Returns

Are you looking for a safe and secure channel to invest your funds? What better option than to invest in a Fixed Deposit? You can use an FD Calculator to invest in Fixed deposits. It offers a safe space to invest and has been a popular choice for saving money as it is not dependent on market variations and has a constant interest rate guaranteed at maturity.

Before investing in Fixed Deposits, you need to check the ratings of the providers, be it NBFCs or traditional banks. This ensures the safety of your money. It would help if you remembered that this investment option does not offer huge returns compared to its market-linked counterparts.

What do you mean by Fixed Deposit Interest Rate?

Fixed deposit is an investment option wherein financial institutions lock in capital for a fixed amount. These usually mature in a short period, ranging from a few months to years. The fixed deposit interest rateis the rate at which these deposits mature, which is the rate your financial institution offers you as a return.

Although the owners can withdraw the money before the maturity date, it comes with a cost: a penalty amount is deducted from the whole amount. So, it is advised to keep your deposits intact until maturity, except in case of emergency.

What is an FD interest calculator?

Many websites and loan apps offer a tool to calculate the interest rate you will get at maturity after you invest in FDs. This calculator makes things easy for you as it does complex calculations in merely a few seconds, saving time and effort.

What are the benefits of Fixed Deposits?

●     Safe and secure

FDs are considered one of the safest investment options as the associated risk is not too much and are typically insured and regulated.

●     Returns

The fixed deposit interest rate is fixed for the entire term and remains the same throughout. So, you get a guaranteed return on your deposits.

●     Tenure

There are a variety of tenure options that you get while investing in fixed deposits. This means that you can choose a tenure that matches your financial goals.

●     Liquidity

The deposit can be withdrawn before maturity in cases of emergency, and it is called a premature withdrawal, which may result in a penalty or lower interest rate.

●     Low risk with tax benefits

There is lower risk involved in an FD as compared to any other investment options; along with this, it also offers tax benefits and saves extra money for the owner.

What are the top fixed deposit rates in India in 2023?

1.   Bajaj Finserv

It provides the best FD interest rates in India by giving the highest interest rates on fixed deposits, up to 8.6%, which is higher than all the other competitors. They also offer interest rates for senior citizens on special tenures of 15, 18, 22, 30, 33 and 44 months.

2.   AU Small finance bank

They, too, offer a high FD interest rate with the highest slab of 8% in a three-year tenure.

3.   LIC housing finance

The minimum amount to invest is Rs.20,000, and it offers an interest rate of 7-7.75% for non-cumulative deposits while giving a bit less for cumulative ones.


Fixed deposits are the best and the safest bet one can play while investing. They provide safety, guaranteed returns and capital preservation, making them suitable for individuals with low-risk appetite and a preference for assured and stable returns which can be estimated with the help of a FD calculator.

However, the final decision to invest should align with your financial objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity requirements, above all.

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