10 Fun Things In Kashmir That Must Be In Your Itinerary

In the middle of the Himalayas at high altitude, Kashmir is a reflection to the unspoiled beauty of nature. It is a paradise with Serene Lakes, stunning landscapes, magnificent peaks, an array of diverse cultural diversity. Kashmir is an adventurer’s dream that comes true. If you’re seeking the most unforgettable experience of adventure in Kashmir without the hassle of a trip. There are so many Kashmir tour packages that enhance your experience of Kashmir trip. If you’re a fan of adventure, trekking through the Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges is essential and offers a variety of options for people of every level. Make sure to take the Gulmarg Gondola. It’s one of the most awe-inspiring cable cars that offers stunning views, and ski slopes in winter.

Here are the most enjoyable activities in Kashmir:

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a stunning journey that takes you through the beautiful Himalayas. It is described as the most adrenaline-inducing hike in Kashmir. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek lasts around 7 days and covers 70-75 kms, through high altitude and beautiful Alpine lakes. The trek begins at Sonmarg the trek will take you through a lush meadow, dense forests, and rocky terrain. The hike is moderately strenuous and is suitable for those who are fit. There is also the possibility of encountering wildlife at times during your adventure.

Skiing in Gulmarg:

The sport of skiing in Kashmir is certainly one of the most enjoyable winter sports you can do at least once in your life. The beautiful landscapes and icy slides will fill your trip with excitement and adrenaline. Gulmarg is the most well-known ski resort in Kashmir. The ideal time to visit Kashmir is from December until the beginning of February. The skiing in Gulmarg costs around 2000-3000 INR. Gulmarg has ski area experiences for all types of skiers, no matter their previous experience. It is also possible to participate in Heli skiing as well as Snowboarding at Gulmarg.

Srinagar Shikara Ride:

Srinagar provides the most renowned and relaxing experience through its Shikara Ride. It is recommended to add Shikara Ride on the top list of experiences to enjoy in Kashmir. It is the oldest of wooden vessels that serve as transportation. When you take part in a shikara cruise, you get to enjoy the beautiful landscape. It is possible to interact with the locals who sell handicrafts, as well as snacks throughout the event.

Houseboats for the duration of Day Lake:

Staying in an inn on Dal Lake is indeed one of the top things to take part in when you are on the Kashmir trip. Dal Lake is famous for the unique experience of staying there. By taking part in the lake, you are able to enjoy the natural beauty of the area without missing one single thing. There are numerous kinds of houseboats based upon the amount you are able to pay for. There are even mouthwatering1 Kashmiri food. Do not miss the chance to sample the regional cuisine while you are there.

Gondola Ride in Gulmarg:

The largest and highest in Asia and the second largest to the top in the world Gulmarg’s gondola, also known as the Gulmarg Gondola, is a most popular attraction to consider to visit in Gulmarg. Gulmarg is among the most popular places to go in Kashmir to embark on a journey. The idea of a Gulmarg excursion without a Gondola ride is not considered worthy. It is an ideal trip for families, and lovers can arrange it as part of their honeymoon plans. The scenery on the cable car journey is breathtaking and well worthwhile. It can accommodate around 600 passengers each hour. Gondola rides run in two parts, and passengers can enjoy the most enjoyable skiing experience in the winter.

Try Local Kashmiri Foods: Kashmir is known for its delicious and flavorful meals, which have been influenced by the culture of the people and geographical surroundings. It is possible to taste Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri recipe of lamb curry. It is known for its red colour and served with naan, or rice. Kashmiri culture is known because of its rich aroma utilised in food preparation, including the saffron and dried fruit which makes these dishes distinctive and delicious. They reflect the essence of life in the community, enjoying these meals, you may take in the local culture in a dialogue with the people. This is among the tranquil things to take part in when you visit Kashmir as a wonderful escape from your daily routine.

White-water Rafting:

White-water rafting in Kashmir is considered to be one of the most enjoyable activities you can enjoy in Kashmir to all types of adventure enthusiasts. The white water rafting experience is offered in Sonamarg as well as Pahalgam. The rivers provide excellent possibilities for rafting. They are divided on the grade of rapids to III. There are numerous stretches of the Lidder River as well as the Sindh River with Grade IV rapids to provide an adrenaline experience. More than a million people head out across the globe to experience the original white water rafting experience.

Camping at Sonmarg:

Sonamarg is a perfect spot for those who love camping. It is the base for many trek trails. There are numerous campsites for campers within Hill Station. Camp anywhere in the hill station and you are able to enjoy the finest amenities in terms of water for a tranquil and peaceful experience. When you camp it is possible to participate in trekking adventures like Zoji-La Pass, Thajiwas Glacier as well as Nilagrad. It is safe to go with experienced guides. The treks are categorised by difficulty. In accordance with your preferences and knowledge, you are able to go on treks as well as camping.

Mountain Biking in Pahalgam: 

Mountain Biking in Pahalgam is among the most thrilling activities in the gorgeous area that is Kashmir Valley. Pahalgam is among the most beautiful winter destinations to explore in Kashmir and has a vast selection of challenges for levels of beginners to advanced tourists. It is possible to travel through beautiful meadows on challenging trails that can enhance the excitement of your journey. It is possible to rent bikes from local stores for rentals and guides, if needed. If you want more details contact people in the area for specifics about routes that you are able to participate in cycling. It is essential to know the weather conditions and road conditions prior to deciding on your ride. Always be ready for the start of your ride.

Discover Gurez Valley:

One of the most popular offbeat destinations within Kashmir can be found in Gurez Valley. Gurez Valley is regarded as one of the most offbeat destinations in all seasons. If you’re thinking of activities to take in Kashmir in winter, Gurez tops the list alongside Gulmarg. The valley is situated at the top of the Line of Control, this valley is a beautiful view across the Valley. This valley can provide an entirely new experience in nature. The place is the middle of architecture, culture and people as well as the beautiful nature. The people here speak a distinct dialect known as Shina. Shina tribe. Natural beauty here is beautiful and raw. It is a stunning view of mountains and meadows.

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